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About Flintridge Prep

Flintridge Preparatory School

Flintridge Preparatory School is a nationally recognized nonsectarian coed school for students in grades 7 through 12. We’re an aspirational and caring community united around a collaborative culture of kindness, humor, and professional commitment to students, faculty, and staff. Located in the city of La Cañada Flintridge, CA, Prep enjoys the best of two worlds: a tree-covered suburban campus with easy access to Pasadena and all the greater Los Angeles area has to offer. The campus is very close to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Rose Bowl and is an easy drive to and from Downtown LA.

Our campus features state-of-the-art facilities, a dedicated and talented faculty, and students who are excited to learn and grow. Prep students are as intellectually curious, engaged, energetic, entrepreneurial, thoughtful, and kind as our faculty and staff. Our academic and co-curricular programs balance rigor with fun, fostering students’ creativity and guiding their development as human beings.

Our Mission

Flintridge Preparatory School seeks to nurture in its students the knowledge, critical skills, community values, and creativity essential for an engaged, balanced, and responsible life.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing a school environment that values ethical and emotional development as equally important to intellectual development.

Our Honor Code

My responsibility as a student, teacher or parent in the Flintridge Prep community is to be honest, kind, generous, and respectful.

Our Philosophy

We believe in a balanced approach to the full human development of our students, promoting both academic achievement and creativity, social engagement and individuality, active health, happiness, and responsibility.

We believe students thrive in intimate and supportive settings when challenged to realize their full potential. Toward that end, we are committed to retaining, developing, and supporting outstanding and committed school faculty and administration.

We believe students can make positive contributions to their classmates, school, and community through intellectual and social development, sportsmanship and character, and community engagement.

We believe in encouraging creativity, risk-taking, and the development of a mature and self-confident personality.

We believe in the essential value of diversity—of people, of talent, of interests, of passions, and of engagements.