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Welcome to Flintridge Prep’s new magazine, Perspectives. This name celebrates the inquiry, individuality, and diversity of our community—and the sense of connection we feel when we open our minds to new possibilities.

This issue is organized around one of those themes—embracing the personal journey, considering the elements of the middle and high school journey, the tools, experiences, and spaces that enable our learning community to develop, grow, and look back—all while striving to affirm and value others so that everyone can thrive.

A Journey Begins With a First Step

Each student develops in their own way and at their own pace, cultivating passions that resonate deeply and jump-start their curiosity. Each step of the way, there’s guidance, support, and space for students to be themselves.

Roam, Explore, Play

Flintridge Prep faculty set the tone for a joyful, playful experience that encourages students to play and take intellectual risks.

Integrity in Action

Integrity is a key part of leadership. Every step of the way, we commit to ensuring our actions reflect our values and Honor Code.

Parting Perspective

Visual artists produce work that emphasize personal expression and artisianship.

Better Together

With guidance, support, and space to be themselves, students grow into their full selves and build the confidence to connect with others in a way that enhances every stage of life.