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New Values & Visual Identity to Reflect a Bold Vision

After a year of introspection, curious exploration, discussion, and lively debate—all hallmarks of the Flintridge Prep experience—we are thrilled to introduce our new brand.

Research suggests our teenagers are growing up in a time of enormous challenge, more so than recent generations. We work to create an environment that allows students to explore freely both what they know and who they are. The first step toward creating an environment where everyone feels they belong is to articulate the values and cultural touchstones that make deep connections possible.

Our strategic plan expresses a bold vision—Lead with curiosity, compassion, and courage to transform our world. With this big idea front and center, we examined and refreshed our language and visual identity to boldly articulate the threads that tie all we do together. Beyond programs and initiatives, we sought a fresh way to voice what the Flintridge Prep experience makes possible for our students.

New Values to Reflect a Bold Vision

Our new values represent a powerful outcome of our branding effort. Along with our Honor Code, which asks us to be honest, kind, generous, and respectful, these active values are aligned with the school’s Portrait of a Wolf, a document that was designed with input from student leaders about how we live our values—in the classroom and out—as a community of learners. They are the heart and soul of our community and the principles upon which we make our daily decisions to ensure Flintridge Prep students thrive in adolescence.


Igniting Inquiry

Student in class leaves no question unasked

Socrates asked question after question until his students came to their own understanding. We thrive on asking, exploring, and contemplating ambiguity as we find new ways to stretch and grow intellectually, artistically, physically, and emotionally.

PASSIONATE: We delight in creativity and learning for learning’s sake.

INQUISITIVE: We welcome complex questions.

COLLABORATIVE: We support each other as we learn.

JOYFUL: We bring a positive outlook and sense of play.


Nurturing Community

Students work together in class, seeking new perspectives

We invite a variety of experiences and ideas into our community, as we know this makes us better thinkers and better humans. To that end, every day we nurture a sense of belonging so that we all can expand our own learning lens and our sense of interconnectedness.

INCLUSIVE: We invite everyone to the table.

GRATEFUL: We notice the good around us.

LIGHTHEARTED: We take ourselves seriously but not too seriously.

COMPASSIONATE: We give of ourselves, finding purpose in meaningful impact.


Thriving in Adolescence

two students walk on campus

These are some of the greatest years of growth, and each of us experiences that growth differently. Supported by our Honor Code of kindness, honesty, generosity, and respect, we encourage each member of our community to develop in a way that is authentic to them, striving to affirm and value each person so that everyone can thrive.

HEALTHY: We invest in the social, emotional, and physical well-being of ourselves and others.

AUTHENTIC: We celebrate what lights up each of us.

INDEPENDENT: We take initiative with self-awareness and self-confidence.

RESILIENT: We grow from setbacks with grace for ourselves and others.


Inspiring Leaders

Student leader on stage leads a meeting

While there are many ways to be a leader, we commit to ensuring our actions reflect the values and Honor Code on which Flintridge Prep stands. Both as students and as educators, we see ourselves in service to our broader community, especially when leadership requires bravery, and always use our talents for good.

INNOVATIVE: We imagine possibilities.

DEDICATED: We honor our commitments.

OPEN MINDED: We seek to understand perspectives different from our own.

COURAGEOUS: We speak up when it might be easier to stay silent

A Bold Visual Identity

Our new visual identity helps communicate who we are and what we stand for, while holding fast to what has made Flintridge Prep a community to be proud of for the past 90 years—and long into the future. A mountain symbolizes overcoming challenges, achieving our aspirations, resilience in the face of setbacks, and an adolescent journey that demands the development of new, unexpected insight—not to mention our history and location.

Logo diagram

1. Vivid colors symbolize boldness and warmth while honoring and modernizing the school’s historic use of blue.

2. The mountain peak points skyward, inviting each member of our community to embark on their own personal journey.

3. The mountain references our geography while signaling a bold vision for the future.

4. F for Flintridge Prep also represents the support to navigate life’s challenges.


Wolf Mascot logo

Our school mascot complements our primary school logo. It helps personify our school community and celebrate our school culture. To reinforce this connection, we drew inspiration from the mascot as we developed the new logo, with the primary blue and dark gray coming directly from the wolf color palette. Flintridge Prep’s sports teams will continue to use the wolf, and our community will continue to wear Wolves gear with pride.