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Visual Arts

With the guidance of faculty, the goal for students in advanced visual art is to produce conceptually sophisticated, innovative, and unified bodies of work that emphasize both personal expression and artisanship. For students in AP Studio Art, part of constructing a portfolio is writing a “concise description of their original idea and how the artwork reflects their investigation of that idea.”

"H Mart" by Annabelle Lee '24, oil on wood board

“Ever since I was a young child, I have gone grocery shopping with my family at Korean markets to buy ingredients for Korean home-cooked meals. As the viewer looks from left to right at the stocked shelves, the magenta underpainting intensifies the visual experience, expressing a sense of discovery.” —Annabelle Lee ’24

Annabelle Lee Artwork

"The Fallen Angel" by Ella von Thaden '24, ceramic

“I was inspired by biblically accurate angels. Due to complications in the firing process, the piece exploded, and despite my best efforts the cracks wouldn’t go away, so I embraced them. The story behind this piece ended up very similar to the story of Lucifer, the most beautiful of all the angels, who fell from heaven.” —Ella von Thaden ’24

Ella Von Thaden Artwork

"The Unveiling" by Catherine Baldocchi '24, photography

“The veiled fabric thrown over my eyes is representative of rejecting the expectations of femininity, specifically as a queer woman. It is a commentary on the expectations and societal norms of marriage.” —Catherine Baldocchi ’24

Catherine Baldocchi Artwork