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Recent Communications from Prep

August 25, 2021

PCR Testing

Regular PCR testing will occur twice a week on campus. Those who must be tested include:

  • Employees and students who are unvaccinated;
  • Employees and students who are not fully vaccinated (less than two weeks have passed since their final shot);
  • fall athletes;

We will contact community members who fall into these categories with more information about testing times. Parents, please encourage your children to check their email. People who are vaccinated and would like to participate in regular testing as a precautionary measure are welcome. We will share our dates and times soon.

You will not need to use Omnipathology’s scheduler, but please log in to Omnipathology and verify your insurance and contact information.

Verify Your Vaccination Status

Employees, parent volunteers, and parents are encouraged to submit vaccination verification for themselves and/or. A signed Confidentiality of Medical Information ACT (CMIA) is also required as part of this verification process.

If you are a parent volunteer, please email your verification information to Celeste McMillin. Employees and parents verifying their children’s status, please use Magnus Health.

Student/Employee Symptom Return to School Decision Tree

As a community, protecting each other and ourselves is the highest priority. We are providing these guidelines to assist our community members in understanding what to do if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. If you have questions, have symptoms of COVID-19, or have been exposed to COVID-19, we encourage you to reach out to Andres Alamillo.

We ask all community members to lean into the Honor Code when assessing their symptoms each morning and use this decision tree to understand when a medical professional or COVID-19 test might be necessary. Please seek a test from an outside provider if you suspect you have COVID-19. Do not come to campus for a test.

How do I find information about Prep’s COVID-19 response?

What are important documents and where can I find them?