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Recent Communications from Prep

January 21, 2021

Dear Community Member,

After a challenging few weeks, LADPH reports that the acceleration of new cases and hospitalizations has slowed. We are encouraged by this news, which comes to us alongside updates that the vaccine has been made available to LA County residents who are 65 and over. We encourage all those in our community to share this web address with loved ones who might qualify for the vaccine: Though vaccine quantities remain limited, residents are encouraged to check the website frequently for an available appointment in the days ahead.

According to the most recent update from LADPH, the county has the capacity to administer many thousands of vaccines each day. However, like other regions, the county has been hampered by the fact that current demand far exceeds vaccine supply. In addition, because a fully effective vaccine requires two doses, many of the 140,000 vaccine doses received this week will be used as second doses for individuals who received a first dose in the last several weeks. We look forward to receiving and sharing additional updates from the county as it prepares to vaccinate individuals in Tier 1B, which includes school employees. Faculty and staff: If you reside in Pasadena, you may get the vaccine for free now by visiting the City of Pasadena Department of Public Health website. Please refer to the email from Kim Kinder earlier today for more information. 

While we see a vaccine as a promising development, the COVID-19 School Compliance Task Force remains mindful that the vaccine is but a single deterrent against this deadly virus. In order to prevent spread of the disease, vaccinated individuals must be as vigilant as ever, maintaining a minimum six-foot distance from others, wearing a mask in public, washing hands frequently, and following all other COVID-19 protocols.

Athletics Update

CIF recently released a statement canceling all regional championships for the Fall/Winter sports seasons. Unfortunately, this means there will be no playoffs to conclude the Fall/Winter season. As part of the Prep League, we have decided to allow scrimmage games to be played with local schools through early March, assuming we will be allowed to do so by the local and state health boards. According to CIF, Spring sports dates will remain in place, with the hope of having CIF championships for the Spring sports.