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Recent Communications from Prep

June 26, 2020

Dear Families,

On June 10, Flintridge Prep sent an email to families outlining three scenarios for the return to school, including a fully on-campus experience, a hybrid of on-campus and online learning, and a completely online program if needed.

In preparation for a partial or full return to campus, and in accordance with recent guidelines from the LA County Department of Public Health that say it is now safe for students to have wellness checkups, health and safety forms for the 2020-2021 school year are now available on our onCampus portal.

CIF will announce on July 20, their final decision on whether fall sports will begin as scheduled. If your child is a fall athlete, please review the forms related to sports, as well as the CIF website, which outlines CIF’s 30-day waiver for athletes who may experience delays in seeing a physician.  

We realize that every family circumstance is unique and that families may have questions that we simply cannot answer at this time. The forms you will find on onCampus reflect the health and safety information that keep our school in compliance with health and safety requirements under normal circumstances. As the summer progresses and we receive additional directives from state officials and the LA County Department of Public Health, additional forms and conditions may be required. We will keep families apprised of these updates. Until then, our deadline to complete the forms is Friday, July 31, 2020 or as soon as reasonably possible, particularly if your child intends to play fall sports. 

Accessing the Forms 

To view your child(ren)’s health and safety forms, please access Magnus Health through Prep’s onCampus portal:

  • Navigate to Prep’s website at
  • Click the green onCampus button.
  • Sign in to onCampus using the same username and password you used during enrollment/re-enrollment. If you don’t think you have an account, click the Forgot login link.
  • Once signed in, click the Resources item in the navigation bar.
  • Click Magnus Health on the Resources page. You’ll be taken to your child(ren)’s health forms.

Parents must be signed in to onCampus before you can access Magnus. Please do not bookmark or “favorite” the Magnus pages in your browser. This can result in you being presented with a Magnus login screen that won’t accept your username and password.

Items on your child’s list of forms that have an orange “Fill It Out” button need to be completed by a parent. Items you’ve filled out or submitted will appear as “Pending” (with a yellow icon) if the school has received them but hasn’t yet processed them. Items appear as “Complete” (with a green checkmark) once they’ve been processed by the school.

Print-and-Sign Documents 

Some forms require a simple digital signature. Others (the Physical Evaluation form and the Prescription and OTC Medication form) must be printed and completed on paper by a physician. Magnus Health will not accept mailed forms at this time, but you can either fax or upload these forms using the camera on your phone. Click here for information on how to do this.

Information for Returning Families 

Look carefully for the “approved until” date listed next to any completed items from last year. Click “Turn It In” or “Fill It Out” next to those items that are past due to get started on this year’s submission. We will be in touch regarding any items marked “Rejected” (with a red “x”) to let you know what additional action is required.  

Because they contain answers that may change from year to year, please review the following forms by clicking “Edit” next to each of the form names. Make all necessary changes and save your answers.

  • Conditional Questions
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Recommendation for OTC & Prescription Medication
  • Vital Health Record

Returning students’ physicals do not need to be re-submitted until the “approved until” date displayed next to your form in Magnus.

Information for New Families

Please upload a signed copy of our Physical Evaluation form showing proof of examination as soon as reasonably possible or by Friday, July 31, 2020 if your child intends to play fall sports.  

For technical support, please contact Magnus Health at 877.461.6831. For questions about our Physical Examination form and deadlines, please contact Athletic Trainer Andres Alamillo. For all other questions, please email Emma Goo.


Midge Kimble
Associate Dean of Student Support

Barrett Jamison 
Dean of Students