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Recent Communications from Prep

March 5, 2021

Dear Community Member,

We have received some questions regarding our email from Tuesday and wanted to clarify the data and timing of a phased return to campus for hybrid learning.

All information shared by the state regarding adjusted case rates is one week old. For example, on Tuesday, March 2, LA County’s adjusted case rate was 7.2/100,000, reflecting the previous week’s numbers. If LA County reaches the 7/100,000 threshold when data is released next Tuesday, March 9, the number will reflect this week’s case rate data.

In order for LA County to qualify for the State of California’s Red Tier, the county must stay at or below 7/100,000 for two consecutive weeks, at which point the state would move LA County into the Red Tier. Assuming we reach that threshold on Tuesday, March 9, and maintain it on Tuesday, March 16, the next day, March 17, schools can begin a phased reopening. Once we learn of the data on Tuesday, March 9, we will communicate the next steps of our phased reopening with our community. Please know that we are poised to begin phased reopening when we are released to do so.

We also want to reiterate to families who have concerns about returning their children to school: No student will be required to come to campus during this time. Learning can continue from home. Further, we would like any community member who engages in activities that run counter to our Community Commitment, which can be found in our On-Campus Safety Plan, to stay home to ensure the community’s safety.

We appreciate your requests for clarification, and we invite you to direct additional questions to anyone on the COVID-19 School Compliance Task Force.

All my best,

Jim Pickett
Head of School

The COVID-19 School Compliance Task Force includes:
Jim Pickett
Theresa King
Kim Kinder
Sarah Cooper
Vanessa Walker-Oakes
Nick Adams-Wright
Andres Alamillo
Nicole Haims Trevor

The COVID-19 School Compliance Task Force can be reached by emailing at any time.