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Prep Visual Identity

Flintridge Preparatory School has two sets of branding, our clocktower and our Wolf.

When to use the clocktower logo: Use this school logo on official academic and administrative documents, letterhead, and so on. Because of the particulars of this logo’s design, it is not ideal for apparel, patches, or other fabric applications. A single-color version is available for some uses. Please contact us with your needs. Refer to our visual identity guidelines for more information.

When to use the Wolf mascot logo: Use the mascot logo for apparel, spirit merchandise, decorations for social events, and any informal uses you might think of. 

We expect our guidelines to be strictly followed, and we encourage your questions. If you are a member of the faculty working with vendors, coaches, other teachers, students, or parents who would like to use these logos, we ask that you read our guidelines and contact with questions. You are welcome to share our style guide with others. 

I would like to use a logo for my class. Which is the right option? It depends. If you’re creating a math assignment that asks students to estimate the population of wolves in North America over a 100 year period, you might have a little fun with the mascot logo. However, if you’re presenting the results of your students’ brilliant work at an international symposium on habitat loss, we would recommend you include the clocktower logo on the first slide of your PowerPoint.

Do I have to use the logo? If you are designing apparel for spirit or sports, you should use our mascot logo and school name, as outlined in our guidelines for athletics. If you are designing apparel for a club or activity, you are not required to work the Wolves into your apparel. However, you cannot design your own wolf or modify the wolf logo.

Share your creations: Did you make a dynamite new tee-shirt with our new mascot? Share it with us so that we can add it to our catalogue of examples.

Our School Name

We are Flintridge Preparatory (Prep-AIR-a-tore-ee) School. Informally, the school has been known since the mid-80s as Prep. For some alumni, however, the school is best known as Flintridge. Outside our region, neither name has much significance.

In print (including signs, invitations, banners, email, and publications) and in formal conversations, use Flintridge Prep or Flintridge Preparatory School primarily. Please avoid exclusively referring to the school as Prep in formal conversations and in print.

We do not use Flintridge Prep School or Flintridge Prepatory School. When communicating with older alumni, you can use the name Flintridge.

School Logos

Mascot Logos and Word Marks

Visual Identity Questions and Comments

If you have any questions or comments about using Prep's mascot, logos, or word marks, please contact