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Physical Education

Flintridge Preparatory School Physical Education

The Physical Education Department strives for students to grow physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally for total success in their environment. Its mission is to provide all students with a quality instructional program in a safe, secure and caring environment. Students are involved in daily activities essential to developing a positive self-image, thus increasing mental alertness and reducing stress. Each year, students experience a dozen or more units, sports, games, and activities. The first unit, Trust and Teamwork, is unique to Prep and challenges students mentally and physically to complete tasks as a group. The other units include traditional sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball and football, as well as non-traditional ones such as badminton, cricket and paddleball. Enhancing students' fitness levels and muscular development, and increased oxygen capacity has been a priority of our classroom as we returned from distance learning. The physical education program promotes the full development of each student’s abilities and prepares all students to be fit for life.

The philosophy of the Physical Education Department is that everyone can be fit for life. All students in 7th-10th grade can develop appropriate skills, feel good about their bodies and relate to others in a positive way. Many different elements of physical activity and instruction help develop a commitment to physical activity and lifelong health. Department expectations are that students will:

  • Develop effective motor skills and understand the fundamentals of movement by engaging and analyzing multiple sports and games.

  • Develop and maintain a positive self-image and strive to become the best that they can be through movement and play.

  • Develop a solid foundation of personal strength as well as understanding proper execution of exercises for use in their future self.   

  • Develop appropriate social behaviors and communication skills by working independently and with others during planned physical activities.

High school students who participate in Flintridge Prep sports are not required to take physical education courses during the duration of that sport.