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Students in Science Class

The Science Department promotes student curiosity through the study of scientific phenomena. Considerable time is allotted to laboratory investigation and research with emphasis on hypothesis development, problem solving, lab design and technique, and the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. Through a combination of high-tech and low-tech experiences, students become familiar with technology while gaining a deep understanding of concepts and principles. A faculty STEAM coordinator and Makerspace coordinator encourage and support interdisciplinary connections. The department reaches beyond the classroom to include the region’s rich resources for a hands-on, personalized experience. 

The curriculum equips those students who may want to pursue further science education with a solid and comprehensive background, while providing all students with scientific awareness and sensibility. Students consider the potential of science to create positive change in our world through experiences that include the 8th grade Community Impact Project, environmental applications in chemistry labs and citizen science projects through clubs. The annual STEAM & Service Fair, encouraged for students of all grade levels, promotes independent scientific inquiry. Students who have met the demands of honors-level science courses are encouraged to take AP exams in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and to explore on and off-campus opportunities to develop their skills in scientific inquiry, such as our on-campus moon Jelly Research Lab. It is our primary goal that all students find their science experience at Prep to be joyful and engaging, consistent with Prep’s core mission.

Course Descriptions