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World Languages

Flintridge Preparatory School World Languages

The World Languages Department promotes language both as a means of communication among people and as a reflection of the cultures of specific peoples. The goal of the department is to develop the intellectual curiosity and cultural sensitivity of our students as they become citizens in a global community. In order to achieve this, students are immersed in their chosen language and experience a curriculum that blends usage with artistic and cultural heritage.

We offer French, Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish. French and Spanish stress the communicative aspects of language learning: developing skills in understanding, speaking, reading and writing the language. The Latin course is designed not simply to treat Rome as a civilization of the past, but also to emphasize its cultural and linguistic relevance to modern society. Mandarin focuses on building a solid language foundation, while also developing an understanding of Chinese culture and modern society through a global perspective. All four programs foster an appreciation for culture and for interdisciplinary connections to history, the arts, literature and science.

Additionally, our program offers students opportunities to explore French, Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish beyond the traditional classroom. Many students enhance their experience through membership in clubs and honor societies, and students may complement their language study through immersion and community service abroad.

French Course Descriptions

Latin Course Descriptions

Mandarin Course Descriptions

Spanish Course Descriptions