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College Counseling

Who will you be when you graduate?

At its core, the college search and application process is deeply personal, introspective, and thoughtful and balances not only the intellectual needs of each student, but also their social-emotional needs. By embracing Flintridge Prep’s mission to guide students in nurturing a true love of learning and establishing genuine impact within the community, students are encouraged to consider their strengths and interests and set intentions about how they want to participate in their education.

Our Goal for You

In the Flintridge Prep College Counseling office, our ultimate goal is helping students matriculate to a college that fits them academically, socially, and emotionally—a college where they belong and thrive, where they feel comfortable discovering and developing what their interests, and where they embrace adulthood with confidence and compassion.  

The Process

Through a rigorous 15-month process that begins in the second semester of a student’s junior year, we work closely with each student to examine their progress in high school, think about where they want to go, and celebrate everything in between. This process entails one-on-one meetings with students, college counseling classes that allow students to carve out time during the school day to focus on college applications, and individual work on college essays.  

Information Sessions

We also hold information sessions on athletics and the arts in college and optional interview preparation to support students in managing their application process.  

In Partnership with Families

Because parents and guardians play an essential role in the college selection process, the college counseling team meets with families and provides opportunities to learn about testing, the college admission process, and financial aid. We rely on parental input to help guide the student’s journey while empowering students to take the lead in making this important decision.  

Guiding You Through the Process

While each student and family is assigned a particular college counselor, we work as a team to guide all students through this highly nuanced process. We use our years of collective experience on both the college admission and college counseling sides to foster a supportive and balanced environment for each student.  

This is a truly exciting time in the lives of our students, and we are lucky to be able to guide them as they leave high school and embark on the next chapter of their lives. 

Brooke Yoshino
Director of College Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions

The College Counseling Team

Aaron Brown

College Counselor
Jodie Hare

Jodie Hare

English Faculty, College Counselor
Amanda Lem

Amanda Lem

College Counseling Associate
Brooke Yoshino

Brooke Yoshino

Director of College Counseling