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STEAM, Global Studies, and Leadership

At the heart of Prep’s three curricular initiatives of STEAM, Global Studies, and Leadership is collaboration. Created by faculty across disciplines, these initiatives promote deep and inquisitive learning amongst students and teachers, nurturing creative problem solving and inspiring a cross-pollination of ideas, experiments, and projects.  


Recognizing that science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics mutually enforce flexible, creative, fail-forward thinking, Prep’s STEAM program encourages students and faculty to collaborate across the curriculum to solve problems. 

Global Studies

With enhanced electives, collaborative coursework, outreach networking and student involvement inspired by Prep’s long-term partnerships with institutions outside the U.S., the Global Studies initiative aims to change how students think about the world. 


Anchored by a five-year curriculum that helps students understand their leadership style and undertake leadership opportunities, the Leadership program provides dedicated support for existing student programs in government, athletics, and service.