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Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

April 2021 Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

An article about “languishing” this month seemed to fly around the Internet a couple of weeks ago. Also, if you are feeling that you want to do some formal professional growth this summer and haven’t found the right opportunity yet, feel free to get in touch with your department chair, Reid, or Sarah.


Dave Stuart Jr., “Here’s the Thing: We Could Do Something Else

Reflecting on friends who are leaving teaching after this difficult year, the author suggests that we accept the fact that we could be good at another profession, and then decide if we want to continue devoting ourselves to this one.

There is still the inarguable reality that we really don't know all that our work achieves. There is still a timeless nobility to saying, “I'm going to be a teacher to these students today.” There is still absurd power packed into tiny moments.

Adam Grant, “There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing,” New York Times

Amid the “emotional long-haul” of the pandemic, some people are finding comfort in naming the sense of “not functioning at full capacity.”

Languishing is the neglected middle child of mental health. It’s the void between depression and flourishing — the absence of well-being. You don’t have symptoms of mental illness, but you’re not the picture of mental health either. 

Larry Ferlazzo, “Thirteen Things That Should Happen in Schools Now But Probably Won’t,” Washington Post

This public school education blogger urges reflection on topics including summer school, personalized instruction and student mental health as we head into 2021-2022.

Does a return to “normal” mean a return to the same good and not-so-good aspects of our educational system? Or might it mean that many school leaders will have learned lessons from this experience to increase the “good” and reduce the “not-so-good”?

Upcoming Online Workshop 

Summer Leadership Seminar, Challenge Success, June 10 or July 27

In the past faculty and staff have enjoyed the focus on the “well-balanced student, faculty & staff well-being, rethinking assessment” and other topics at Challenge Success workshops. “Throughout the day, we will explore  research-based strategies that improve student well-being and promote academic engagement. For the first time, we are introducing a Teacher Track within the Seminar. Teachers will network and share ideas with other teacher leaders to focus on innovative strategies they can use in their classrooms, while school and district leaders will work together on similar initiatives at the school level.” 

Faculty Professional Growth