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Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

January 2023 Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter
This month the articles are all about AI’s impact on education: expert opinions on jobs of the future, 19 ways to use ChatGPT in your classroom, and an article featuring opinions from Prep middle schoolers on this new technology. Please also read on for information about ISM’s summer institutes and a lot of recent faculty & staff professional growth! 
English Teacher Emily Balliet

Interesting Recent Articles 

AI and the Future of Work,” The Conversation 

This thoughtful piece features five experts giving opinions on “what ChatGPT, DALL-E and other AI tools mean for artists and knowledge workers,” including an evolution in skills. Thanks to Josh for recommending it!  

If history is any guide, it’s almost certain that advances in AI will cause more jobs to vanish, that creative-class people with human-only skills will become richer but fewer in number, and that those who own creative technology will become the new mega-rich.  

Larry Ferlazzo, et al., “19 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Classroom,” EdWeek 

A prolific edublogger compiles responses from teachers about creative uses of AI tools in the classroom, including generating outlines and giving feedback on essays. 

When ChatGPT went live in November 2022, it didn’t take long for us to pick up on the heightened anxiety over this new AI tool and the potential impact on writing instruction. As teacher leaders with more than 20 years combined experience teaching high school English, we wanted to test it for ourselves. Right before our holiday break, we sat down to explore ChatGPT side by side, and here is what we found. 

Sarah Cooper, “8th Grade Insights Into ChatGPT and the Future,” MiddleWeb 

Thoughts from Prep students about the possibilities of powerful new AI language models. 

Even a 15-minute conversation energized me and gave me more insight into the tool’s capabilities. What sparked me most? The farsighted perspective students had about how this tool could change not education but our entire lives.

Upcoming Summer Institute 

Independent School Management’s Summer Institute 2023: ISM’s summer institute hits the gold standard in terms of giving practical and meaningful advice to faculty, staff and administrators. On topics from Digital Marketing to Transformative Academic Leadership, there’s something for almost every area of a school’s operations, and the weeklong conferences offer fun opportunities for connection, too.

Recent Faculty and Staff Professional Growth