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Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

November 2022 Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter
For an eighth grader’s letter to teachers about homework, a deeper learning story, a global education conference, and a range of recent faculty and staff professional growth experiences, please read on!  
Melissa Manfull in the Classroom

Interesting Recent Articles 

Carmen Coleman, “‘Worksheets Won’t Make Good Artifacts,’: A Deeper Learning Story from Kentucky,” High Tech High Unboxed  

One district in Kentucky attracted national attention when its teachers began to ask: What does a diploma from our schools mean? The answer included performance assessments that immersed students in authentic and exciting learning. 

Students were engaged in learning that mattered to them. They were creating real world solutions to real world problems. They were problem-solving, collaborating, and thinking critically. They gave one another feedback, and revised. The teacher was truly a facilitator of learning and a coach—and the quality of the students’ work was unlike any I had ever seen. 

Lily Strickland, “What Teachers Need to Know About Homework,” MiddleWeb 

This article – by an eighth grader – gives six suggestions for teachers to keep in mind, including that it’s helpful to give more than one day to complete assignments and that it’s often easier to complete homework on the weekend.

Teachers also talk about time management but don’t seem to understand how little time we have. Most nights after sports practice, I have around two and a half hours between when I get home and when I should go to bed. That is not a lot of time to shower, have dinner, get ready for the next day, and do between one and two hours of homework. 

Kimberly Hager, “‘Battling ‘Senioritis’ With Forward-Looking Assignments,” Edutopia 

An English teacher describes a self-reflective process on future life paths that can help keep students engaged in their last year of high school. 

Seniors see the relevance of this work, and many enjoy taking the time, space, and support to think about themselves, grapple with big questions, and figure out what comes next. By keeping things relevant, I have found that I can keep senioritis at bay for much longer than usual. 

Upcoming Conference 

The Global Educators Benchmark Group, of which Prep is a proud member, will hold its 10th Annual Global Educators Conference from April 13-15 to Washington, D.C. The audience for this symposium includes classroom teachers and trip leaders as well as global program directors. Questions the conference will address include “How will you engage students in deep learning about complex global issues?” and “How will you better design for and assess student global competency development?” 

Recent Faculty and Staff Professional Growth 

  • Norma Basilio, Head of Custodial Services, attended the Event Design and Decoration Course put on by Kreativee
  • Sarah Cooper, Associate Head of School, took part in a three-session Directors of Teaching and Learning Cohort, offered by One Schoolhouse’s Association for Academic Leaders.      
  • Systems Administrator Michelle Correia joined Jamf Company’s Nation User Conference 2022 to learn further about Apple device management. 
  • Shane Frewen, STEAM Coordinator, went to the California STEAM Symposium, a collaboration of Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation, the California Department of Education, and the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls. 
  • Painting and drawing teacher Melissa Manfull explored the world of pastels during the Pastel Workshop put on by Janice Chung and Case for Making
  • Ceramics teacher Biliana Popova hosted a Textured Plate Workshop after school in October for eight members of Prep’s faculty and staff.  
  • Photography teacher and Visual Arts Department Chair Ricardo Rodríguez participated this fall in the AP Art and Design Online Workshop put together by the College Board.