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Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

February 2021 Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

Jennifer Gonzalez’s top tech tools of the year, a reflection on teaching in 30-degree weather, and a recent presentation by two Prep English faculty are just some of the pieces of this month’s newsletter. Take a look!


Jennifer Gonzalez, “6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2021,” Cult of Pedagogy

This yearly “best of” compendium offers new tools that could be game changers: Mote, AllSides, Google Lens, Bulb, EmbraceRace, and Prezi Video. If you really love Jennifer Gonzalez’s take on these technologies, you might want to purchase her Teacher’s Guide to Tech 2021, probably the most comprehensive guide out there.

It’s hard to imagine a time in recent history when we had more distractions, more challenges, more stuff to think about that is way more important than technology. But as someone reminded me earlier today, the show must go on.

Richard Schwartz, “Reflections on Teaching When Your Classroom Is 30 Degrees,” Chalkbeat

This brief personal story about teaching in New Jersey this winter is one to remember.

My admirable colleagues include the maintenance man who works to keep the school as warm as possible, the custodians who disinfect it, the secretaries who do their work behind plexiglass, and the administrators who have faced immense pressure since March 13.

Sally Weale, “Call for 'summer of play' to help English pupils recover from Covid-19 stress,” The Guardian

Amid calls to “catch up” students through summer school, child development experts are saying that play is actually what they need.

“It is now more important than ever that the government stands by its commitment to children’s mental health. While there is an understandable focus on children catching up academically, we know that children cannot learn effectively when they are struggling emotionally.”

Online Summer Workshop

The Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning is offering its Academy 2021 online over four consecutive days this July, with four hours of workshops each day. Glenn Whitman, dean of studies and director of the CTTL, and Dr. Ian Kelleher, science teacher and head of research for the CTTL, co-authored the excellent Neuroteach: Brain Science and the Future of Education, and this workshop garners high reviews from participants.

Faculty Professional Growth Presentations

  • English teacher Dr. Lanna Mills and English Department Chair Dr. Tyke O’Brien presented to colleagues from other independent schools at the Global Education Benchmark Group Summit this month. They spoke about “Alternatives to Traditional Texts in the Humanities Classroom: Teaching Classica Africana in Greco-Roman Studies and Reading Global Folklore, Two Models from Flintridge Preparatory School” during this daylong conference on teaching global writers.

Faculty & Staff Professional Growth