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Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

March 2021 Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

The articles below, in conjunction with the hyperdoc of links that Reid recently sent out, offer reams of reassurance and ideas as we start hybrid learning at the end of the month. Here we go!


Maintaining Boundaries in Times of Change,” Cultures of Dignity

Many thanks to Cari Banning for sending this timely article, which encourages naming and communicating the boundaries each of us needs right now.

For many of us, the circumstances around our physical boundaries are now shifting. Young people are returning to in-person school and after school activities. Many people are beginning to see family members they haven’t seen in a year. Understandably that brings up a lot of mixed emotions.

Larry Ferlazzo, “‘Give Yourself Grace’ as You Teach Concurrently (Hybrid)”, Education Week

This article is sixth in an invaluable eight-part series that collects advice about hybrid teaching from two dozen teachers who’ve been doing it. Even skimming, you’ll find something you can use for inspiration.

If you have any anxiety stemming from moving from a virtual classroom to a hybrid classroom, here is my advice I hope you can carry with you: Be the metaphorical bridge between in-person and virtual students to continue with the classroom community that you have already created. Keep doing what you have been doing all along.

Upcoming Online Workshop

Multicultural Leadership Institute 2021, June 28-30, Wildwood School Outreach Center

Two faculty members have already signed up for this online institute, a perennial summer offering by Wildwood that’s limited to 45 participants. “This three-day institute is designed for educators to create and sustain authentically multicultural schools through reflection, understanding, and planning.” If you’re interested in joining Prep’s team of attendees, please get in touch with Sarah.

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