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Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

September 2021 Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

With this first issue of the Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter for the 2021-22 school year, we also inaugurate a new visually appealing page! Thanks as always to Cami Ryder, Richard Feliciano and Nicole Trevor for making this newsletter read well and look great, and to Reid Fritz for featuring all the incredible professional growth that faculty and staff continue to do. Please feel free to communicate suggestions for future newsletters to Sarah Cooper. 


Interesting Recent Articles 

Seth Godin, “Defending change (or the status quo) 

Daily posts by nonconformist entrepreneur Seth Godin usually provide a shot in the arm, and this one is no exception in its pondering of change.  

The easy argument to make is that the thing we have now is better than the new thing that’s on offer. 

Cory Collins, “The Curb-Cut Effect and Championing Equity,” Learning for Justice  

The cover article of this fall’s magazine from Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching Tolerance) suggests that focusing on the needs of those “least supported by any given policy or system” can lift up everyone.  

Providing examples of how equity-centered policies or actions have improved or could improve the lives of many students and the community broadly can help school and community leaders see the measurable and intangible benefits of equity. 

Kate Sheppard, “Leading With the Brain in Mind,” California Teacher Development Collaborative  

Here’s a short article from a couple of years ago by this year’s opening meetings co-presenter, Kate Sheppard of SEE Consulting, in which she encourages teachers and other leaders to be aware of how our authority is landing. 

The next time we are frustrated with an employee or colleague, before reacting from our own amygdala hijack, we can ask ourselves, “What might this person be afraid of?” If that question can provoke self-reflection and empathy, we will be less likely to respond from a place of judgment or authority.  


Upcoming Workshops 

Ongoing Yearlong Programs, 2021-2022, California Teacher Development Collaborative  

It’s that time of year when the CATDC offers a multitude of yearlong workshops! They start over the next month, with some first meetings as early as this week and next. This year these three-to-five-session programs include Leveraging Our Learning for More Effective Coaching and Mentoring, Cross-Generational Women’s Leadership, The Neurobiology of Joy and Justice, Building Community for People of Color in Independent Schools, Rethinking Science Professional Learning Community, Support for Supporters (for administrative assistants), and Finance and Sustainability in Independent Schools.  

As always, if you are interested in applying for professional growth funds, please fill out the Faculty & Staff Professional Growth Application on the Faculty & Staff Information page in onCampus.  


Faculty & Staff Summer Professional Growth (Part 1) 

We will continue highlighting summer professional growth experiences in the October newsletter!