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Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

May 2021 Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

As we head into the summer, here are articles about transferring learning, chasing purpose, and regrouping and resting after this extraordinary year. Also check out a variety of webinars about bystander intervention training, as well as many recent professional growth workshops faculty have completed.   


Angela Watson, “Regrouping After a Successful School Year… What Comes Next?,” Truth for Teachers  

In this article that is also a podcast, Angela Watson suggests a three-part summer plan for regrouping after this unbelievable year: 1) Take a break from thinking about work; 2) Reflect on what you learned about yourself and your teaching; 3) Daydream and reimagine the future. 

For now, I want you to actually schedule a time to not think about work: Choose a week or two or four or whatever feels right to you in which teaching does not exist. When thoughts about your next group of students or curriculum or whatever pop into your mind, dismiss them and distract yourself with something you want to think about. 

A recent Harvard study suggests considering what aligns with your values, not simply your passions, when choosing a career.  

If you don't follow your passion, how do you choose a career?  A new Harvard Business Review post offers a simple, research-backed reply. Focus less on what makes you feel passionate, and more on what you truly care about.  

A.J. Juliani, “How to Raise Successful People: Preparing Competent Kids for a Lifetime of Performance”  

This interview with master teacher Esther Wojcicki asks how to achieve the elusive goal of transfer: asking students to apply their knowledge to new tasks and situations. 

Throughout life we all have moments that require us to feel competent at figuring something out, even though we don’t have the exact steps or plan laid out for us. This too should be a goal in school. 

Online Workshop 

  • Hollaback’s Bystander Intervention Trainings are one-hour webinars that offer concrete tools to turn bystanding into action. Topics include Bystander Intervention to Stop Stigma Around Learning Differences, Around Anti-LGBTQ+ Harassment, and Around Anti-Asian/American Harassment and Xenophobia, the last of which Megan Bowman recently completed.   

Professional Growth 

  • In April and May, four faculty completed yearlong workshops from the California Teacher Development Collaborative: