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Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

May 2023 Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

Articles about AI continue to swirl through the educational universe and beyond. Here’s one about student agency, as well as pieces about small acts of kindness and meaningful learning. Also check out a long list of recent faculty and staff professional growth activities! This newsletter will return in September with all kinds of summer updates.  

Ingrid Herskind teaching in class

Interesting Recent Articles

Eric Hudson, “How AI Can Support Agency in Our Students, and in Us,” Global Online Academy  

This practical, interesting piece relates the potential of AI in the classroom to five principles of competency-based learning, such as moving from time-based to performance-based assessments.  

"In an interaction of a few minutes, ChatGPT gave me a competency, learning outcomes, and performance levels to assess effective communication with AI. It took me longer to input these responses into GOA’s single-point and analytic rubric templates than it did for ChatGPT to generate those responses."  

Allie Volpe, “Small Acts of Kindness Matter More Than You Think,” Vox 

Reaching out to connect with someone else, whether by sending a text or bringing them a coffee, can have a more powerful effect than most of us imagine. 

“Across the board,” says Marisa Franco, who is also the author of Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help You Make — and Keep — Friends, “in pretty much every act of connection, we tend to underestimate how much people will be receptive to our overtures in connection.”  

A.J. Juliani, “5 Ways Teachers Can Make Learning Meaningful and Relevant

This brief article, from the perspective of a teacher and a parent, highlights five ways that teachers make learning seem relevant: shared experiences, community connections, talking about transfer, finding new audiences, and meaningful feedback. 

"Talking with kids about their current learning experiences and why they matter in the near and distant future is a huge piece of the engagement puzzle. These teachers do a masterful job of sharing how their learning will transfer." 

Upcoming Summer Institute

  • The Equity Institute, San Francisco, July 25-28, California Teacher Development Collaborative. This reimagined workshop (formerly Equity as Excellence) “is designed for educators to explore a range of innovative approaches to weaving social justice pedagogy and practices into the fabric of their school community. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision of the Beloved Community and informed by Paulo Freire’s call for critically conscious teaching practices, we hope to embolden educators to disrupt the status quo in the service of creating transformational change.” 

Recent Faculty and Staff Professional Growth