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Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

October 2020 Faculty and Staff Growth Newsletter

With first quarter in the books, here are articles on creating brief moments of connection with students, looking to how education might change as a result of Covid, and remembering to order from local independent bookstores. Also check out the second half of the expansive professional growth list from this summer!


Jennifer Gonzalez, Creating Moments of Genuine Connection (MCGs) Online, Cult of Pedagogy

We’ve all been finding new ways to talk with students since August. English teacher and author Dave Stuart Jr. acknowledges that these connections might sometimes seem awkward or forced, but they’re well worth it.

The moments are embedded inside the work you’re already doing as a teacher. “So they’re before class, right after class, during independent work.”


Vicki Abeles, Forget About Making This School Year as Normal as Possible, Boston Globe

The author behind the Race to Nowhere video argues that we should grab this chance to “cultivate a better education system.”

Teachers are facing enormous pressure to somehow maintain pre-pandemic expectations and standards. It is a tragically Sisyphean effort. And it is made worse by our failure to seize this opportunity to “release” ourselves from the erroneous assumptions, outdated practices, and antiquated attitudes that plagued American education well before the pandemic upended our lives.


Elizabeth A. Harris, Your Local Bookstore Wants You to Know That It’s Struggling, New York Times

We have so many voracious readers on the faculty and staff that I thought I’d include this piece. Vroman’s is mentioned in this national article, which encourages people to shop local so their favorite bookstores stay open.

According to the American Booksellers Association, more than one independent bookstore has closed each week since the pandemic began.


Upcoming Online Workshops

Global Online Academy is offering several upcoming classes in its Competency-Based Learning (CBL) series: From Lessons to Experiences (Nov. 9-13), From Educator-Designed to Co-Designed (Jan. 25-29), and From Time-Based to Performance-Based (Feb. 22-26).


Faculty Professional Growth, Part 2

So many people participated in professional development this summer that we highlighted some last month and are finishing now. Here’s the second half of the list!