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2024 Rose Court includes two Flintridge Prep students
2024 Rose Court

After successfully completing the interview process, Mia Moore-Walker ’24 (third from right) and Jessica Powell ’24 (far right) served on the Tournament of Roses Rose Court. Jessica and Mia spoke at events and gave back to the community through service and outreach this past fall, culminating in appearances at the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game on New Year’s Day.

One primary benefit of the experience was public speaking experience. “We were given a bunch of opportunities to stand in front of completely different crowds of adults or kids and talk for three minutes about ourselves, the event, or the Rose Court,” says Jessica. Mia notes, “It would go from us giving a speech to kids at the Boys and Girls Club to a bunch of billionaires at a fancy luncheon, and clearly you cannot give the same speech to both audiences. It forced me to change my perspective on certain things.”  

The students learned to manage the time commitment involved in being on the Rose Court. “I was worried how my teachers would handle how much school I would miss,” says Jessica, “but the fact that there were two of us and our teachers had taught a girl on the court before really helped.”  

 “I would be lying if I said sacrifices weren’t made, but I'm sure most of us would say it was worth it,” shares Mia. She thanked a teacher who helped her assess her extracurricular commitments. In the end, she made difficult decisions when days became too long. “If you don't have great time management skills going into it, get them,” recommends Jessica.