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8th grade students evaluate the news

On the first day of class, Mrs. Cooper and Dr. Bowman wasted no time in getting back to exciting work. The 8th Grade U.S. History & Civics class spent their first block scanning print newspapers looking for articles of interest and writing about how theworld would be different if certain articles were not reported.  

8th graders read the newspaper

Some students came into the project with minimal experience navigating a physical newspaper. “The way I normally get news is either by watching it with my grandpa or I see something that I think is important, and I do research on it,” shares Neel Parekh '28, comparing his experience to the curated nature of a print newspaper.

Claire Jung '28, had a bit more experience going in. “My family gets the Wall Street Journal every week as a physical newspaper, so I do read it when I'm taking a break or in my free time,” shares Claire, who chose to evaluate the impact of an article about therecent earthquake for the assignment.