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AP Art Students find inspiration at The Broad
Collage of students looking at Keith Haring paintings

AP Drawing & Painting and AP Photography students explored The Broad in Downtown Los Angeles last week, taking in the museum’s collection of work by modern and contemporary artists. The goal of the field trip was to explore the special exhibition "Keith Haring: Art is for Everybody," paying attention to his career and growth as an artist. Students examined Haring's chronological evolution to see how he edited, practiced, and experimented with styles, medium, and ideas. This serves as meaningful inspiration for AP students, who, in creating a portfolio their senior year that investigates an idea will have to do the same sort of examination of their own body of work.

David Gomez Novy '24, while initially caught off guard by Haring’s works, came to an appreciation, saying, “An unconventional canvas can add to a work or sometimes be the meaning in and of itself.”

For Autumn Zhou '24, Haring’s use of scale was her significant takeaway. “He wasn’t afraid to go big and take up space,” she said. "It inspired me to paint bigger things.”

“Sometimes the simpler things can be more effective,” said Carlo Campos Costanzo '24 about Haring’s bold style. “It lets them be iconic.”