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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with community events

Prep's Latino Club community events during Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated and honored the cultures, traditions and histories of the Hispanic and Latino communities.

Starting off with a bake sale, students sold traditional Latino treats, including conchas, pastillitos, horchata, and jamaica. Proceeds were donated to Centro Legal de La Raza, which supports and advocates for immigrants’ rights, families in poverty, education, and workers’ rights.

Most recently, Latino Club hosted an interactive and educational percussion workshop for all students with Grammy nominated artist TossTones during Community Block. Even some Prep faculty stopped by and got in on the fun. TossTones talked about the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month and taught us about the history behind some important Latin and Afro-Caribe percussion instruments and dances. He highlighted how these unique drums, sounds, and dances were invented through the merging of the cultures of the natives, Spaniards, and enslaved Africans. Playing and learning about congas, bomba drums, bomba dance, bongos, and maracas was an amazing way to bring the Prep community together in Latino Club’s grand finale to end Hispanic Heritage Month.