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Fall Play, “Alice in Wonderland,” brings whimsy and creativity to the Flintridge Prep stage

High school students put together a charming and whimsical production of “Alice in Wonderland” earlier this month. The production is the directorial debut of Mr. Danté Carr, and the choice of the play was intentional. 

Fall Play 2023 collage "Alice in Wonderland"

“What inspired me was the desire to do something fun that the students would be excited about,” says Carr. “‘Alice’ is a classic and favorite of so many. I knew it would draw in students. The fact that the show is mostly nonsense language also meant there would be no limit to how big, silly, and ridiculous our characters could be. This version included so many poems and songs it just gave more opportunity to play and be wacky.” 

Carlo Costanzo Campo ’24, who played the White Rabbit, says, “Sometimes I had no idea what I was saying, or how to say it, but people had great suggestions and the craziness really allowed me to show my creativity and have fun with the role! I can’t imagine doing most of my scenes with anyone other than Grace McConnell [who played Alice].”