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Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving


Dear Families and Friends,

As we head into the holiday season, we have more than ever to be thankful for at Prep. Renewed opportunities for connection abound this year: spirited classroom discussions that encourage students to share ideas and open their minds to new perspectives; athletic contests cheered on by zealous spectators; the return of performing arts to Norris Auditorium; exuberant in-person JPD, school dances, and pep rallies. Walking through the halls and hearing the conversation and laughter of our students and their teachers reminds us all of the reasons we love Prep: lifelong learning, lifelong relationships, lifelong community. Thank you for your part in bringing us back together this year.

Prep has always been defined by the values, actions, and effort of each and every individual—it’s displayed through the comfort we offer each other, the friendship we reinforce in all our daily interactions, the leadership we cultivate, and the generosity of spirit of our community, who have attended our events in large numbers, volunteered their time, and contributed to the smooth transition back to on-campus life.  

Thank you to all who made a contribution to the Annual Fund during our Days of Giving on November 8-9. Your commitment is felt deeply. We hope to see you on the dance floor on February 26 for our benefit, Casino Royale: Let’s Bond, which will fund our Global Studies Initiative.

We look forward to welcoming alumni back to campus in December as we celebrate each other and the career of our retired Dean of Students Midge Kimble. Yet more reunions will follow in April.

We wish you a restful, joyful, and restorative Thanksgiving with family and loved ones. We are lucky to be a part of your family’s life.

Please enjoy this slideshow we put together of activities from this semester.


Vanessa Walker-Oakes
Head of School