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How we thrive in adolescence

What does it mean to thrive in adolescence?

Two students look closely at a science experiment.

Research suggests our teenagers are growing up in a time of enormous challenge, more so than recent generations. As a school, we work to create an environment that allows students to explore freely both what they know and who they are. The first step toward creating an environment where everyone feels they belong is to articulate the values and cultural touchstones that make deep connections possible.

Many of you know that Flintridge Prep just finished a strategic planning process that has been both lively and reflective, spearheaded by the Board of Trustees and school leadership. At the helm of this plan is a bold vision for what’s possible.

Our Vision

Lead with curiosity, compassion, and courage to transform our world. In setting this vision, we saw the need to better articulate the threads that tie all we do together. Beyond programs and initiatives that set us apart from other schools, we needed to voice what the Flintridge Prep experience makes possible for our students. We all feel it. We just need to express it boldly. We partnered with Mission Minded, a creative and strategy firm, to help us articulate the value of a Flintridge Prep education and why it matters. With their help, we:

  • Reviewed the words and imagery in our communications
  • Analyzed our peer schools to better understand what makes us unique
  • Sought input from our entire community with an online survey, ultimately receiving nearly 900 responses
  • Held interviews, workshops, and listening sessions with families, faculty, community partners, and staff 

This research helped us voice what we already love so much about our community: Flintridge Prep is a place that ignites curiosity and wonder with every experience. And this deep engagement—which is the foundation for any profession and meaningful life—is possible because we steward healthy adolescence, focusing on nurturing our students here and now.

With this big idea now front and center, we worked on refreshing how we look and how we talk about Flintridge Prep to streamline all our touchpoints.


At Flintridge Preparatory School we believe middle and high school should be a time of healthy, joyful growth.

That’s why we approach every experience and relationship with curiosity and wonder. Here you have the space to push to new heights and the support to navigate life’s challenges.

Because when we truly connect with ourselves and others, we learn to lead with sensitivity and integrity, which is the best prep possible for the road ahead.


One powerful outcome of this initiative is our new values. Along with our Honor Code “to be honest, kind, generous, and respectful,” these active values express what we do every day and are the principles upon which we make our daily decisions to ensure Flintridge Prep students thrive in adolescence. We look forward to continuing to foster a community that ignites curiosity, inspires leadership, and encourages healthy, joyful growth. We developed four essential Flintridge Prep values, described in the coming pages.

Leave No Question Unasked

Student studies a puzzle

Socrates asked question after question until his students came to their own understanding. And we do the same. We thrive on asking, exploring, and contemplating ambiguity. We know to stretch and grow intellectually, artistically, physically, and emotionally, we need to feel secure enough to experiment without worrying so much about outcomes or what others think about them. Because how can we ever learn if we don’t make mistakes? When we explore whatever lights us up, we prepare students both for the demands of college and for the fullness of an engaged life—wherever it leads.

Embrace the Personal Journey

Four students sit on bench while laughing

The teenage years are some of the greatest years of growth. Because each of us experiences that growth differently, we encourage each member of our community to develop in a way that is authentic to them. And when we need support, we slow down, unplug, and enjoy the journey. When we provide space for others to simply be, we tap into our joy for learning, discover opportunities to explore the world, land develop our passions.

Seek New Perspectives

Two students engaged in discussion during class

We’re here to teach students how to think—not what to think. So we listen and grapple compassionately with all views as we continuously grow in our questioning and understanding of the world around us. We also invite a variety of experiences and ideas into our community, nurturing a sense of belonging with an array of vibrant ideas and viewpoints. Because when we foster an inclusive and compassionate community in and out of the classroom, we build the skills that make us better thinkers and better humans.

Lead with Integrity

Student leader presents in class

We are changing the narrative about what successful leadership looks like in today’s world. At Flintridge Prep, we intentionally cultivate a leadership mindset that shifts students’ focus from “me” to “we.” As we model the many ways to be a leader, we do so in service to our broader community, especially when leadership requires bravery. We use our talents for the good of others, because that’s the best prep possible for a lifetime of committed, visionary leadership.