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Inspiration Abounds at the Getty

Photography students took a field trip to the Getty Center to experience the museum’s extensive collection. During the visit, they studied three exhibitions on 20th century photographers covering a wide range of styles and subjects, including “Alfredo Boulton: Looking at Venezuela,” “Arthur Tress: Rambles, Dreams, and Shadows,” and “Sheila Metzner: From Life.” For part of the day, students were joined by a curator for a guided walkthrough. 

For AP Photography student Catherine Baldocchi ‘24, the opportunity to see works by Arthur Tress was a particular highlight.  

“His work is so surreal and combines fantasy and social activism. There was a note at the museum that said, ‘If Tress takes a picture of you, he'll be able to see your life story, and he'll be able to see things you didn't even know.’ You can really see that from his work.” Catherine left the museum energized and inspired to start working in film again after taking digital photos for the last few years.