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Students, Faculty, and Staff Honored at Spring Awards Assembly

Jasmine Jin '22 receives the FLINT Student Leadership Award from Barrett Jamison. All photos by Angel Origgi.


At last Friday’s Spring Awards Assembly, resounding applause and cheers echoed throughout Norris Auditorium and the Atrium as classmates and colleagues cheered on the students, faculty, and staff who received awards recognizing their achievements and dedication to Prep.

Head of School Vanessa Walker-Oakes presented two awards to faculty and staff, presenting photographer teacher and incoming Visual Arts Department Chair Ricardo Rodríguez with the Class of 1987 Service Award. Faculty select three nominees that the entire student body then selects as the recipient, who has given outstanding service to the school.

Head of Custodial Services Norma Basilio received the Detoy Award and a standing ovation for her personal and professional contributions to the school.

Athletics Director Sean Beattie presented Head Baseball Coach Guillermo Gonzalez with the Scott Studenmund ’08 Memorial Award and Christopher Fung ’23 received the JP Blecksmith ’99 Memorial Award.

The assembly always falls on the last day of classes and typically ends in a rite of passage tradition, where the junior class races to the Senior Patio and Lawn as they make their official transition into the senior class. This year was no different, as the Class of 2023 experienced stepping onto the Senior Lawn for the first time.

Below is a list of all the students, faculty, and staff who received awards:

  • Class of 1987 Service Award: Ricardo Rodriguez, incoming Visual Arts Department Chair and photography teacher
  • Detoy Award: Norma Basilio, Head of Custodial Services
  • Scott Studenmund ’08 Memorial Award: Guillermo Gonzalez, Head Coach-Baseball
  • JP Blecksmith ’99 Memorial Award: Christopher Fung ’23
  • Pursuit of Excellence Awards:
    • Max Goodman ’24
    • Gya Rodríguez ’23
  • Amherst Book Prize Award: Marissa Cotte '24
  • Harvard Prize Book Award: Wyatt Fishman '23
  • FLINT Student Leadership Award: Jasmine Jin '22
  • National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists 
    • Loran Baxter Mercado ’22
    • Liam Chia ’22
    • Isaac Chung ’22
    • Elise Desjarlais ’22
    • Aaron Freedman ’22
    • Lori Jang ’22
    • Ethan Kim ’22
    • Timothy Kreinberg ’22
    • Dylan Mealey ’22
    • Sean Mealey ’22
    • Nicole Mirzaian ’22
    • Colin Ng ’22
    • Martino Porcu ’22
    • Sasha Rolfe ’22
    • Ashwin Sivakumar ’22
    • Owen Sussman ’22
    • Trinity Tai ’22
  • Sophomore History Award: Daniel Zhao ’24
  • Dartmouth Book Award: Luke Chapman ’23
  • Senior History Award: Veronica Habashy ’22
  • Sophomore Math Award: Annabelle Lee ’24
  • Junior Math Award: Alex Oh ’23
  • Senior Math Award: Destiny Tai ’22
  • Yee Siu King Tom Award: Arul Kolla ’23
  • Computer Science Award: Chase Walker ’22
  • NCTE Achievement Award in Writing Nominee: Tenzin Walker ’23
  • Sophomore English Award: Grace McConnell ’24
  • Brown Book Award: Anya Rose ’23
  • Senior English Award: Emily Battaglia ’22
  • Junior French Award: Sofie Corbett ’23
  • Senior French Award: Victoria Velazco y Trianosky Awai ’22
  • Junior Spanish Award: Silvia Gibilaro ’23
  • Senior Spanish Award: Isabelle Townley ’22
  • Junior Latin Award: Clara Pierce ’23
  • John W. Neupauer Award: Stiles White ’22
  • Sophomore Visual Arts Award: Maylin Chen ’24
  • Junior Visual Arts Award: Ruby Banning ’23
  • Senior Visual Arts Award: Luna Tobar ’22
  • Sophomore Performing Arts Award: Nico Stanton ’24
  • Junior Performing Arts Award: Emily Kim ’23
  • Senior Dance Award: Dri deFaria ’22
  • Senior Drama Award: Ethan Kim ’22
  • Senior Instrumental Music Award: Alex Mirzabeigi ’22
  • Senior Vocal Music Award: Isabella Bonfante ’22
  • Senior Performing Arts Award: Angie Henderson ’22
  • Sophomore Science Award: Kat Zirn ’24
  • Junior Science Award: Audrey Jung ’23
  • Senior Science Award: Sage Remulla ’22


The 7th and 9th grade awards were announced on Wednesday, May 18 in the Howl newsletter: 

  • 9th Grade Pursuit of Excellence Award: Sophia Zhong ’25 
  • 7th Academic Promise Award: Finley Hamilton ’27 
  • 7th Generosity Award: Olivia Tanouye ’27 
  • 7th Good Citizen Award: Joaquin Prado ’27 
  • 7th Pursuit of Excellence Award: Amelia Ralph ’27