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Students Fuel Their Curiosity at Club Rush

Last Thursday, dozens of students representing a wildly diverse selection of passions and interests set up displays, activities, and snacks on Memorial Field to entice other students to join their clubs. While the responsibility of organizing and hosting Club Rush belongs to Student Senate, SCAC (Student Community Action Council) invited several outside nonprofits to attend the event and spread the word about volunteer and service opportunities, and another of Flintridge Prep’s major student leadership organizations, FLINT (Flintridge Leadership Initiative), also played a pivotal role.

Collage of photos of students at Club Rush

“Among the people in FLINT, there are a lot of very experienced club leaders,” shares Evan Guyer '24, FLINT co-chair. “The goal was to put all our heads together and equip club leaders—many of them are new to their clubs—with the tools they need to have a successful start.”

Club Rush poster session led by Student Senate

The result was a poster-making and leadership workshop the day before Club Rush in the Miller Theater. In addition to providing supplies for sign-making, members of FLINT presented firsthand advice to the about how to lead a club. The first part of thepresentation was about the nuts and bolts: having a teacher present and the appropriate frequency of meetings (at least every other week.) “But then,” shares Evan, excitedly, “the second part of it was exploring how to get up and talk to a group of people, having a structure for how you're going to lead meetings, having a plan for what you're going to say, how to hold a vote that’s fair, and how to make everyone feel heard.”  

“If a middle schooler came to the workshop who'd never been to a club meeting or led a club,” adds Kyrmina Habashy '24, the other FLINT co-president, “hopefully they'd come out saying, ‘Okay, I know how to do this!’”