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The journey of a school year begins at Book Day

The Flintridge Prep school year doesn’t begin with the first day of classes, but with the tradition of Book Day. This day is a soft landing and a welcome reunion, with students getting their bearings—finding classrooms, gathering their textbooks from parent volunteers, and deciphering the puzzle of their locker combinations.  

Book Day

This year, peer counselors, middle school buddies, and members of the student leadership organizations provided activities and tours. Before leaving for their class parties, students enjoyed a dunk tank, water balloons, a gaga ball pit, snacks, and even some ridiculously soft bunnies.   

Book Day 2

Everywhere you looked on campus, you would see students helping students—from a tech-savvy student who volunteered to explain the new Wi-Fi to a classmate in line to a senior demonstrating effective locker-opening legerdemain, and so many more moments of joyful generosity.