Walden Moments

Henry David Thoreau recorded his retreat into solitude and nature in his book, Walden. In March, Peter Bachmann invited all community members to share their Walden moment from our current retreat. Below, you’ll find submissions from across the community. If anyone is interested, please submit a paragraph, from 10 to 200 words detailing your Walden moment, to pbachmann@flintridgeprep.org.


Walden Moments for May 15

Photo by Rachael Madore

To the class of 2020, my first 7th grade class as 7th grade dean, you have always held a special place in my memory. I already had my plane tickets booked to LA, beyond excited to watch you walk across the stage at Commencement, witnessing your incredible growth, and simultaneously celebrate Mr. Bachmann’s remarkable tenure. My hope for you all is that in between the moments of frustration and lost experiences, you continue to cultivate space for creativity and reflection. May this exercise in finding your Walden moments be the start of a lifelong habit that travels with you on many a journey to come. Here is my Walden moment:

My daughter is an incredibly active 20-month-old, which meant that we spent hours every week at the park, digging in the sandbox and mastering the slide. When yellow tape sectioned off the swings and ominous red signs declared the park closed indefinitely, I wondered what she would make of it all. When I projected her missing the sandbox, she just plopped herself down on a pebbly path and began to revel in the sensory feel of the gravel. When I lamented the loss of her favorite slide, she has found countless sandy hills to slide down.  

We are fortunate enough to have our own small pond just over half a mile from our house. If not for the quarantine, it probably would’ve been awhile before I discovered that her tiny legs are more than capable of walking the whole way there. Along the way, she picks every dandelion in sight, throwing them into the stream with infinite pleasure. After multiple trips a week to our pond, we witnessed the birth of five baby goslings. While she was more interested in splashing in the nearby puddle with her rain boots, I know that these experiences are nourishing her soul.  

With love, 

Rachael Madore ’05

Posted by rfeliciano on Friday May, 8

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