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When students and parents visit Flintridge Prep for the first time, they say they feel something a little like magic. It could be the characteristic warmth of our students, the collaborative, nurturing environment fostered by our faculty, or the lifelong friendships students make with one another. At Prep, people feel like they belong. 

That's because the magic of Prep comes from the relationships created here in our dynamic classrooms, labs, stages, studios, and fields, whether on campus or virtual. The Prep community learns and grows together.  

We can’t wait for you to experience that magic firsthand. Discover us, virtually, and find out what it’s like to be a Prep student. Meet with us online. Explore our website. Visit us on Instagram and Facebook.  

Discover who you can be at Prep. Because at Prep, you belong.

Campus Tour

Flintridge Prep Campus Tour

We love our campus and think you will, too. Take a tour and let us know your favorite spot!

Being a Student

Academics at Prep

Debate border politics, hone your Java programming skills, fire a sculpture in the kiln, and practice your choreography—all in one day.

Rooted in liberal arts and interdisciplinary exploration, Prep’s curriculum allows students to experiment, challenge perspectives, and become global citizens.

Learn more about Prep's curriculum.

Middle School at Prep

Our 7th and 8th grade curriculum emphasize exploration and discovery, where students are encouraged to think deeply and compassionately.

With all 8th graders engaging in Community Impact Projects and a nurturing peer counseling program, students support each other and their communities.

Learn more about the Middle School Experience.

Major Initiatives at Prep

Our three major initiatives in STEAM, Global Studies, and Leadership foster a culture of collaboration and interdisciplinary learning.

These initiatives are housed in the Bachmann Collaboration Building, a creative hub complete with a makerspace, art studios, and labs, yet they permeate throughout the campus.

Learn more about our Initiatives.

Building Connections

Student Life

We take our academics seriously, but we also know, school should be fun.

Extracurricular groups, clubs, and leadership and community impact opportunities let students discover new passions and create relationships with faculty and one another.

Learn more about Student Life at Prep.

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Daily Happenings

Where Prep Takes You

The Senior Experience

The final year at Prep is the culmination of students’ academic and personal journeys. In their capstone projects, AP and Honors classes, and final presentations, seniors display their intellectual curiosity and love of learning.

As peer counselors, club presidents, sports captains, and lead actors, our senior leaders set the tone for the entire community.

College Counseling

Our goal is to help students discover the college that fits them academically, socially, and emotionally – a place where they can thrive.

We lead students through a rigorous 15-month process, working closely with each student to examine their progress in high school, think about where they want to go, and celebrate everything in between.

Learn more about College Counseling.
View our college matriculation list.

Alumni Voices

Our alumni live out the Prep ethos of an engaged, balanced, and responsible life, establishing unique careers and lives that span diverse industries and locales.

Our 5,000+ alumni network provides older students and alumni with mentorship and career opportunities.

Learn more about Prep alumni.

Admissions Contact
Mr. Arthur Stetson

Director of Admissions
(818) 790-1178

Ms. Dana Valentino

Admissions Coordinator
(818) 949-5514

Flintridge Preparatory School
4543 Crown Avenue La Cañada Flintridge CA 91011
Tel: 818-790-1178
Fax: 818-952-6247
Located near Pasadena and Los Angeles in La Cañada, CA, Flintridge Prep is a private independent, coed day school for grades 7-12.
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  • FAST
  • CSEE
  • Independent Curriculum Group
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