FAQs with the Director of College Counseling

When is the college counseling process launched?

Prep’s college counseling program formally launches in 10th grade, strategically allowing for the 9th grade year to serve as a period of transition. The college counseling philosophy is directly tied to Prep’s mission, guiding students in nurturing a true love of learning and establishing genuine impact within our community. An evening program is hosted in the fall of 10th grade to learn from education and child psychology experts on how to implement healthy routines and time management techniques at home in preparation for the college process. The official 15-month college process begins spring of 11th grade. Each student is assigned a college counselor and begins attending a weekly college counseling course.

Click here to download the 4-year College Counseling roadmap.

Is it necessary to hire an outside counselor to further prepare for the college process?

We are strongly opposed to the idea of seeking outside counsel to prepare for the college process. Prep’s college counseling team reflects over 25 years of college admission and independent school counseling experience. We are strategic and thoughtful in how we counsel each student within the Prep context, serving as advocates throughout the proces. Our team is proud of the relationships we have established with colleges and universities and work hard to guide our students in understanding the distinction between a competitive application versus one that is compelling.

When should my child begin preparing for the SAT/ACT exam?

We strongly discourage students from enrolling in SAT or ACT prep courses prior to 11th grade. There is abundant objective research to support this advice, proving that test preparation has a shelf life of 5-6 weeks prior to the test sitting. Consider the analogy of an athlete training for competition. It is important to follow a schedule that ensures peaking at the optimal time. The same is applicable to the testing process. Our department encourages juniors to sit for the SAT or ACT exam no earlier than March.

I’m a student-athlete interested in pursuing college athletics. Which steps should I take in order to prepare for the process prior to 11th grade?

The Director of College Counseling addresses Prep families each fall during the Athletic Orientation, providing insight into the athletic recruiting process by grade level. A Collegiate Athletic Recruiting Panel is hosted in the spring, where families hear from Division I and Division III athletic representatives to learn further about the recruitment process.

Click here to download the document describing the guidelines for Prep student‐athletes.

Click here to download the document describing the student-athlete college search process.

I’m a student interested in pursuing the arts at the college level. Which steps should I take in order to prepare for the process prior to 12th grade?

An arts panel is hosted in the spring for all grade levels, to provide in-depth information on how to begin preparing supplemental information required of student-artists. Attached you’ll find a document which will help in preparing student-artists prior to entering the college process. The document outlines different options students have to pursue a field in the arts.

Click here to download guidelines for Prep students with talent in the visual or performing arts.

Where can I find financial aid and scholarship information?

Click here to download information about financial aid and scholarships.

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