Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

We have dozens of clubs and activities. Most of our productions offer open auditions, and organizations like ComedySportz provide unique opportunities to be on stage. Even if you’re not enrolled in a visual arts, our studios have an open-door policy. Stop in, chat with a teacher and work on a project on your own time.

While you have to make your interest known in advance and there is a time commitment, you don’t have to take a class to be a member of our yearbook, newspaper or Folio literary magazine staff. These opportunities to tell Prep’s story are completely student-run.

And if you’re looking for a club you don’t see on this list, don’t worry. You can found a club on your own. All you need is a faculty advisor and you present your club charter at our Club Rush and Community Impact Fair.

A/V Club

The A/V Club teaches students the basics of working a camera and then allows them to practice, filming events like Junior Parent Dinner, Mr. Flintridge Prep, school plays and sports activities.

Amnesty International

The Amnesty International Club explores issues concerning human rights and social justice throughout the world, raising funds to support other countries in need and raising awareness in the Prep community.

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club celebrates an appreciation of space and exploration.

Athletic Council on Leadership (ACL) and
Prep League Athletic Council (PLAC)


The Athletic Council on Leadership focuses on leadership and service on campus and in the community, working to rally school spirit, encourage community service and teach life lessons through athletics. Read more about ACL and their initiatives here.


The Prep League Athletic Council is a Prep-League-wide leadership organization that aims to promote unity and sportsmanship among all League schools.

Bio Club

The Bio Club provides a time for students to further explore their interests in biology through experiments, guest speakers and more.

Bioinformatics Club

Based at La Cañada High School, members of the Bioinformatics club have the opportunity to study science in depth with Dr. Remo Rohs, a USC professor.

Bites of L.A.

Bites of L.A. aims to broaden students' understanding of Los Angeles by collecting stories from the diverse population of the city and sharing them with the Prep community.

Book Club

The Book Club meets to discuss an agreed-upon book, providing an outlet for thinking critically and engaging in thoughtful discussion about literary works.

Chess Club

Chess Club meets for casual matches of chess, offering a chance to relax and socialize while competing in a strategic and thoughtful game.

Club 4 Christ

Club 4 Christ allows students to discuss topics that range from theology to everyday life in a non-denominational Christian context.

The Collective

The Collective explores local, national and international issues of the day, the agenda reflecting a commitment to equality, respect, mutual acceptance and open exchange of ideas consistent with the principles of the Flintridge Prep Honor Code.


ComedySportz is an improvisational comedy group that responds to a wide variety of scenarios and incorporates audience involvement.


Crescendo is an a cappella club for music lovers, offering a unique opportunity to sing in a more casual environment without accompaniment.

The Flintridge Press

The Flintridge Press is Flintridge Prep's newspaper. It reports campus news, student life and student achievements in sports and the arts, offering members a chance to contribute as writers, photographers and editors.

Film Club

The Film Club encourages analysis of film, genre, directors and more through screenings, group discussions and the annual Flintridge Prep Art, Film & Music Festival.

Flintridge Prep Classic Car Club

The Classic Car Club will explore the automobile's history and design and will help members learn to understand the basics of auto mechanics.


Folio is Flintridge Prep's literary and arts magazine, its purpose to showcase the best student-produced creative writing and visual art of the academic year.

French Club

The French Club celebrates French culture, language and food.

Game Development Club

The Game Development Club builds video games and studies game development techniques.

Gay-Straight Alliance

The Gay-Straight Alliance at Flintridge Prep operates with the intent to promote tolerance and acceptance of diversity in sexual orientation, to create a safe environment for all students, to create a school environment where all can feel welcomed and accepted for their unique talents and contributions and to enjoy the full benefits of an educational institution that is free from fear of harassment or persecution.

Golf Club

The Golf Club offers golfers of all skill levels an opportunity for instruction and practice throughout the school year.

Hip Hop Club

The Hip Hop Club gives students interested in urban dance a chance to share their love of contemporary urban dance and music.

Latin Club

The Latin Club promotes the study of the Latin language and subjects related to the field of classical culture and civilization, serving as the on-campus representatives of the Junior Classical League, the nationwide organization comprised of high school and junior high school students of Latin and Greek.

Library Advisory Council

The Middle School Library Advisory Council works closely with the library in assessing library-related student needs. They are active in planning and implementing innovative ideas that bring technology, the love of reading and students into the library.

Liberty in North Korea

The Liberty in North Korea Club strives to raise awareness about the lives of North Korean refugees hiding in China and to raise money to help the national organization continue to work to get the refugees to freedom.

Marine Life Club

The Marine Life educates its members on the importance and beauty of the myriad of creatures of the sea through fun activities and amazing examples of live marine organisms.

Meditation Club

The Meditation Club provides non-religious meditation instruction to the students, providing an opportunity to unwind from the rigor of classwork.

Model UN

Model UN engages students in international politics, educating students in international relations and global issues, as well as in public speaking, debate, diplomacy, conflict resolution and parliamentary procedure. In addition, Model UN programs and Conferences are hosted around the world and allow for networking between students from different high schools, as well as the universities that host many of the Conferences.

Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Club

Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Club explores math outside of the standard classroom curriculum to satisfy the mathematical curiosity of students: this can come in the form of competitions or discussions.

Multicultural Student Union (MSU)

The Multicultural Student Union is a forum for exploring and learning to appreciate the differences and similarities among races and cultures, working to foster a mutually respectful environment where students can discuss sensitive issues without fear of criticism.

Music for the World

Music for the World aims to bring together students of all levels to appreciate different kinds of music and to showcase their talents to the community.

National French Honor Society

The National French Honor Society, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French, aims to educate students about the different components of French culture. The club is for students who maintain at least an A-minus average while taking French for three consecutive semesters.

Pep Band

The Pep Band is a supercharged high-energy ensemble that performs for home basketball games, as well as for the homecoming football game.

Ping Pong Club

The Ping-Pong Club provides fun and recreation community in the form of table tennis, holding practices, games and tournaments for students.

Premier Club

The Premier Club offers students a chance to play and learn about soccer in a casual atmosphere.

Prep Hardware Club

The Prep Hardware club allows students to learn about the way computers work in a hands-on environment.

Prep Log (Yearbook)

Members of the Prep Log create the school's yearbook, documenting the year through photography, writing and design.

Prep Store

The Prep Store designs and sells new Flintridge Prep merchandise, from t-shirts to license plate frames, accessories and more.

Republicans Club

The Flintridge Prep Young Republicans Club is committed to promoting conservative ideas and values on campus, while hosting good political debate, friendly discussion and fostering an atmosphere welcoming to allviewpoints.

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club allows students to design and construct robots and enter competitions, learning from professionals from JPL, DreamWorks, USC and Hugh's Aircraft.

SCAC (Student Community Action Council)

The SCAC helps students find their passions, makes service an integral part of school culture and supports students in creating a positive and measurable impact on social causes in the community and around the world.

Science Club

Science Club gives students interested in science a chance to explore topics in greater depth outside the classroom.

Spanish National Honor Society

Spanish National Honor Society explores Spanish culture, allowing its members to learn through literature, art museums, performances, themed holidays and unique events.

Speech and Debate

The Speech and Debate team gives students the opportunity to debate common current issues and to become better public speakers, as well as to debate in area competitions.

The Game Room

The Game Room allows students an opportunity to relax from their studies and play games or video games.

The Rebel Yell

The Rebel Yell is a student magazine that satirizes media and advertising.

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