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Students Showcase Work in Second Quarterly Art Show
Posted 02/24/2017 03:00PM

Visual arts students returned with their second art show of the school year. Ms. Manfull’s, Mrs. Popova’s, Mr. Bradley’s and Mr. Rodriguez’s classes came together to show their work in drawing and painting, ceramics and photography, demonstrating growth and creativity for all on campus to admire.

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting students experimented with different mediums, including wooden painted figurines (above, by Andrew Odom ’21), colored pencil illustrations of fruit, wooden carvings and oil and acrylic paintings based on personal photographs and inspired by major art movements.

One assignment had 8th grade students design black t-shirts with white illustrations and phrases, with the completed shirts on display for viewers.


Photography students in Mr. Bradley’s class received a box of vintage photos and camera equipment from an estate sale. Inspired by one of Mrs. Hare’s classes, where they discussed Wallace Stevens’s poem “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” Mr. Bradley had the students select an impactful fragment and pair it with two of the vintage film negatives (see below, by Preston Blair ’18).

There were several things he wanted students to get from the exercise, among them, “the thrill of reanimating ‘found’ imagery,” he says.

In another assignment, students paired two disparate objects in a meaningful and creative way.

Creative interpretations included a camera and clock (shown above by Helia Fotoohi ‘19); a white painted lane line and a line of White Out; a book and a laptop; and a battery and rolled up $10 bill.


Ceramics students, beginning to advanced, put out some incredible pieces this show. Beginning students had the challenge of creating animals out of a series of geometric shapes (see above by Renee Ventresca ’20).

Students in 8th and 9th grade ceramics crafted vases with intricate pattern and color combinations.

For a more comprehensive look at the work, check the frequently updated art department slideshows.

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