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Spring Musical Is Monstrously Entertaining
Posted 03/09/2017 11:00AM

The Flintridge Prep spring musical has all the classic themes of a timeless story: Love. Longing. Heartbreak. A talking alien plant with an unquenchable thirst for human blood.

Little Shop of Horrors tells the story of Seymour, an underdog florist who comes upon an unusual houseplant with a sinister diet, and his coworker crush, Audrey. Seymour quickly discovers the plant’s disturbing secret and considers hiding it from the world. Unlucky flower shop owner Mr. Mushnik, however, intends to capitalize on the appeal of this peculiar plant. Meanwhile, neighbors continue to mysteriously disappear.

Doo-wop, Motown and rock and roll come together in Alan Menken’s memorable soundtrack, featuring fan favorite songs “Suddenly, Seymour,” “Dentist!” and “Skid Row (Downtown).”

In case you missed last weekend’s performances, there are two more show times you can catch. Join the first cast on Friday, March 10 and the second cast on Saturday, March 11 for two final nights of this year’s charming, dark and hilarious spring musical.* Both nights feature middle school and high school students and begin at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available during both lunches and online.

See the slideshow from each cast below (beware—it contains spoilers!)

3/2 and 3/10:

Joe Spera - Seymour

Ari Kaplan - Mr. Mushnik

Maddy Bernstein - Audrey

Brian Pipes - Orin

Jack - Audrey II


Spring Musical 2017 - Little Shop of Horrors (Thursday cast)


3/3 and 3/11:

Cole Slater - Seymour

John Murphy - Mr. Mushnik

Mishtii Murari- Audrey

Diego Tobar - Orin

Daniel Fleischer - Audrey II


Spring Musical 2017 - Little Shop of Horrors (Friday cast)


Every night:

Katherine Montes

Emery Louie

Katherine Maschka-Hitchcock

Katie Lee

Isaac LaMarr

Kyla Kikkawa

Lauren Montes

Noel Caverly

Sia Dreyfuss

Jack Elliott

Ava Ferry

Arthur Harris

Angela Henderson

Wylie Kasai

Jason Kreinberg

Kendal Kully

Ria Lalwani

Sinclaire Ledahl

Sophia LePera

Tanya Mankerian

Charlie McCormick

Madeline Montes

Izzy Moon

Laura Ratliff

Saya Sarma

Molly Schwartz

Cameron Slater

Sofia Stellar

Luke Stiles

Izzy Wachtel

Alana Weiss


Production Crew:

Assistant Director – Keila Joy Fisher

AAD/AASM – Richard Lara

Dance Captain – Piper Lewis

Stage Manager – Mimi Louie

Production Manager – Fiona Ng

Production Assistant – Max Rosenfeld

Lightboard Ops – Michael Maloney


Stage Crew:

Max Alvarez, Irene So, Audrey Laun, Jeffrey Pendo, Germaine Harvey, Alex Chagoyen


House Manager – Zoe Rucker

Followspot – Tess Robertson-Neel, Yaya Brown

Dressers/Wardrobe – Amber Wang, Aubrey Rawles, Hannah Murphy

(*May not be suitable for very young children due to a hostile, laughing gas addict dentist and a man-eating plant.)


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