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Mr. Flintridge Prep 2018 Brings In Over $3,900 For United Way, Is As Magical As Ever
Posted 04/27/2018 03:07PM

One of Prep’s longstanding and beloved traditions, the Mr. Flintridge Prep pageant, graced campus once more last weekend. The evening is known for its shenanigans, but it’s admired for its generosity. Every year, the group selects an organization deserving of 100% of the proceeds. This year, proceeds went to United Way of Santa Barbara County California wildfire and mudslide disaster relief efforts. The event drew a huge community crowd and raised over $3,900.

What better way to kick off a beauty pageant than with a truly mesmerizing ensemble dance number? Between the cuffed jeans, rolled white sleeves and hypnotic hip pops, the audience was hooked from the moment the curtain rose.

Trusty emcees Molly Schwartz and Izzy Wachtel transitioned into the rest of the night with poise, charisma and corresponding jammies. They walked the contestants through both the casualwear and athleticwear portions of the evening before introducing the night’s highlight, the talent show. Here’s a brief synopsis of the talent*:

  • Jonathan Le recreated Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me,” featuring a real live Prom-posal and many audience cheers and “aww”s.
  • Buddy Palmer crooned “My Way” while wearing a cummerbund.
  • Scott Lew performed a hula-turned-hip hop number with the help of fellow Hip Hop Club members Kyla Kikkawa and Francesca Song and, for some reason, a chef’s hat.
  • Tim Treinen hosted a mini variety show, complete with a piano serenade, juggling, scarf crocheting and a dance/ukelele duet to “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” with sister Ella Treinen ’21.
  • Will Tayback surfed (kind of) while the chef hat made its second appearance of the night. And let us not forget the memorable cameo by “Left Shark.”
  • Colin Coane professed his love for Ms. Ursettie and also Rickrolled us all.
  • Chef hat appearance #3 came in the form of Ryan Lee’s semi-informative cooking lesson, including a Hello Kitty apron and a panel of utterly and completely impartial taste testers.
  • Ari Brattkus brought down the house, as he usually does, with an electric guitar and a blindfolded Andrew Lathrop on keyboard.
  • Ed Sheeran showed up to sing “Perfect” for a bunch of slow-dancing couples while dressed as Aidan Schraeder.
  • Jakob Fox threw caution to the wind, danced like no one was watching and released his inhibitions in an enchanting athletic/rainbow-themed ribbon dance.
  • Jeff Chan channeled his freshest, princeiest vibes with a Prep rap featuring “Midge Kimble”.
  • In an entertaining, somewhat alarming work of impersonation, Conrad Oakes conducted an art history lesson as Ms. Vanessa Walker-Oakes. It was all very meta.

Molly and Izzy then led the challenging and completely serious question round, in which the contestants collectively achieved world peace and named their celeb doppelgangers.

Now for the awards:

  • Mr. Congeniality, named for his steadfast support of fellow performers, was none other than Scott Lew.
  • Tim Treinen snagged the runner up position and accepted his sash with grace, a cane and a blue velvet jacket.
  • After an audience-wide drumroll, the coveted title of Mr. Flintridge Prep 2018 was bestowed upon Will Tayback. Was it his dancing? His bath towel/shower cap combo? His leopard print coat and checkerboard sunglasses? No one knows for certain. But we do know that Mr. Tayback bewitched the judges from his first plie to his final bow.

Rest assured, we won’t forget this evening anytime soon.


*For optimal effect, read while viewing the slideshow:

Mr. Flintridge Prep 2018


Thank you to everyone involved!

Advisors: Reggie Ursettie, Todd Frost

Contestants: Ari Brattkus, Jeff Chan, Colin Coane, Jakob Fox, Jonathan Le, Ryan Lee, Scott Lew, Conrad Oakes, Buddy Palmer, Aidan Schraeder, Will Tayback, Tim Treinen

Emcees: Molly Schwartz and Izzy Wachtel

Judges: Will Bellaimey, Katie Canton, Patrick Ferry, Jodie Hare, Nicole Mirzaian ’22, Tyke O’Brien

Choreography: Christine Crowell, Kyla Kikkawa, Francesca Song, Kelly Yang


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