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Prep Visual Identity

Download the guidelines for using the Flintridge Prep image and logo here. This document also details the usage of fonts in our print and online materials. If you are working with vendors, coaches, or parents who would like to use the school logo, please note that there are restrictions.

  • The words Flintridge Preparatory School cannot be removed from the logo unless space is an issue (as on the web).
  • This logo cannot become the basis of a new logo (e.g., you can't make change the words Flintridge Preparatory School to say "Flintridge Prep Water Polo" and turn the mountains into waves).
  • You cannot change the colors used in this logo (although you can reverse the colors of the words if you're printing on color).
  • You can't change the aspect ratio of the logo, although you can reduce or enlarge it if needed.
  • You DON'T have to use the logo if you don't think it fits your project's needs. However, if you're representing an administrative department you probably should be using the logo.

The Name of Our School in Print and in Conversation

Informally, the school has been known since the mid-80s as Prep. For older alumni, however, the school is best known as Flintridge. Outside our region, neither name has much significance. Therefore, in print (including signs, invitations, banners, email, and publications) avoid exclusively referring to the school as Prep. Use Flintridge Prep or Flintridge Preparatory School. We never say Flintridge Prep School or Flintridge Prepatory School. When targeting older alumni, you can use the name Flintridge.


Click the links below to download a pdf of the Prep logo.

2 Color Vertical
2 Color Vertical Logo 
1 Color Vertical
1 Color Vertical Logo 
BW Vertical
B&W Vertical Logo 
BW Cut Vertical
Cut Out Vertical Logo 
2 Color Horizontal 
2 Color Horizontal Logo 
1 Color Horizontal 
1 Color Horizontal Logo 
BW Horizontal
B&W Horizontal Logo 
BW Cut Horizontal
Cut Out Horizontal Logo 
 Stack Color Logo
Flintridge Preparatory School
4543 Crown Avenue La Cañada Flintridge CA 91011
Tel: 818-790-1178
Fax: 818-952-6247
Located near Pasadena and Los Angeles in La Cañada, CA, Flintridge Prep is a private independent, coed day school for grades 7-12.
  • NAIS
  • FAST
  • CSEE
  • Independent Curriculum Group
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