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Faculty Newsletter

December Faculty Newsletter

As we head into the break, some people like to dream about the summer to come. If that’s you, please take a look at this long list of opportunities! We’ll return to the usual articles format in January.

To stay local, consider applying for Prep’s Curricular Innovation Grant program, which offers a $2,500 summer grant for curricular work. Details are in your email, and applications are due Feb. 12.

Summer 2020 Professional Growth Opportunities

  • The Global Education Benchmark Group is offering a fascinating array of summer symposia, including “Climate Change, Conservation and Economic Development” in Panama and “Understanding China Today” in China.
  • Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire hosts more than 400 teachers per year in its Exeter for Educators workshops, with institutes covering writing, astronomy, math, diversity, biology and the humanities. If you’re interested, take a look now, as the workshops fill very quickly once they open. Eric Hallett attended one of the math institutes last summer.
  • On this coast is the Exeter Humanities Institute West, at the Bishop’s School in La Jolla. Abel Fuentes attended last year. 
  • Wildwood School in Los Angeles offers two interesting summer institutes, the Multicultural Leadership Institute and the Systems Thinking Schools Summer Workshop.  
  • Also in Los Angeles, the Community Works Institute holds a workshop on Place-Based Service Learning and Sustainability for K-16. Josh Perlman attended last summer.
  • A highly regarded pedagogical seminar is the Center for Transformational Teaching and Learning’s The Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy 2020, at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Maryland.
  • The motto of the E.E. Ford Summer Teachers’ Colloquium in Santa Fe is “Relearn. Rejuvenate. Recharge.” Classes span disciplines from math to theater to literature and beyond. Tyke O’Brien took a writing class there last summer.
  • Independent School Management offers two dozen practical and inspiring workshops at its Summer Institute in Philadelphia. In recent years, faculty including Fabian Bejarano, Lesley Fox, Barrett Jamison and Sarah Cooper have found the experience valuable.
  • The Summit for Transformative Learning in St. Louis—STL in STL—focuses on all kinds of educational research and trends, including neuroscience, social emotional learning, assessment strategies and global, cultural and racial literacy. Cari Banning attended and presented here in 2019.
  • If you have other ideas, please get in touch! 

Recent Faculty & Staff Professional Growth


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November Faculty Newsletter

This month’s pieces encourage us to watch each other teach, explore digital annotation tools and be aware of trends in college costs. Please also check out the upcoming SXSW EDU conference in Austin and colleagues’ many recent professional growth experiences.

Jennifer Gonzalez, “Open Your Door: Why We Need to See Each Other Teach,” Cult of Pedagogy

This classic and down-to-earth article about teachers spending time in each other’s classrooms might make you want to pop next door for a visit right now!

When I go over to someone’s house and it’s spotlessly clean, I feel kind of jealous and insecure. But crumbs on the counter and shoes in the hallway? On a gut level, I’m more comfortable. In this place, my psyche tells me, I won’t be judged. The same goes for your teaching: If you let someone else see you screw up, they will probably be more comfortable having you observe them. What happens next is you both start to take more risks, try new things. You cultivate a spirit of experimentation and learning together, rather than struggling to out-perfect each other.

Top Tech Tools for Digital Annotation, Common Sense Education

Many of us across disciplines have expressed a desire for seamless online annotation of texts. This list of 18 includes VoiceThread, Diigo, Genius, Scrible and more. If you end up using and liking one of them, please let us know.

You'll be giving students a voice as they develop close-reading skills, provide analysis and opinion, become fact-finding web detectives, engage in peer review, and practice essential research techniques. And with these tools, teachers can highlight important points, promote critical thinking through video, inspire inquiry, observe student confusion, personalize grading, and streamline the paperless classroom.

Alia Wong, “Six-Figure Price Tags Are Coming to Colleges,” The Atlantic

Some might think that tuition costs are rising largely because of expanded amenities for students, but personnel costs are a main factor driving higher prices at some private colleges.

The gap between sticker and net price is growing at colleges across the country. Data published by the College Board suggest that a typical student at a private, nonprofit, bachelor-granting institution in the United States pays roughly $10,000 less than the average sticker price, which was about $37,000 in the past school year. Much of the sticker-net gap is a result of tuition discounts.

Upcoming Conference

SXSW EDU 2020 Conference, Austin, Texas, March 9-12, 2020

This exciting and highly regarded conference is guaranteed to offer food for thought, with “a diverse array of speakers, sessions, workshops, learning experiences, policy discussions and film screenings programmed to foster learning and discovery for all education stakeholders.” Thematic tracks include K-12 education, leadership, equity, global education, the science of learning, SEL & wellness, student agency and more. 

Professional Growth Presentations

Fall Faculty & Staff Professional Growth

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October Faculty Newsletter

This month’s newsletter covers a range of immediately applicable topics in pedagogy, legal rulings and entrepreneurial thinking. Also, for inspiration, please take a look at Part 2 of a long list of colleagues’ summer professional growth experiences.

The Powerful Effects of Drawing on Learning,” Edutopia

Drawing concepts helps with retention by tapping into three different areas of the brain at the same time: kinesthetic, visual and linguistic. This appealing two-minute video offers four ways middle and high school teachers can incorporate drawing into their curriculum. 

In the study, students who drew information remembered nearly twice as much as students who wrote it.

Camille Caldera and Delano Franklin, “The Harvard Admissions Lawsuit Decision, Analyzed,” The Harvard Crimson

If you’ve been wondering about the impact of a recent federal court decision on Harvard’s admissions policies regarding Asian American applicants, this excellent article analyzes what happened and which issues might be at play in an appeal.

Though she ruled that the College’s practices are lawful, Burroughs contended that the admissions process is “imperfect” and suggested a number of changes. She recommended that admissions officers participate in implicit bias trainings, maintain clear guidelines on the use of race, and monitor any race-related statistical disparities.

Seth Godin, “Open the Cookies” and “If You Want to Change Minds…,” Seth’s Blog

Entrepreneur Seth Godin writes short daily blog posts that cast a new light on business and marketing. These two recent posts showcase his memorable style that makes people think.

If you want to change the mind of a bureaucrat, bring more power. If you want to change the minds of the nerds, build something that’s new. If you want to change the mind of a teenager, amplify the other teenagers. 


2019 NAIS People of Color Conference, Dec. 4-7, 2019, Seattle

This conference “is the flagship of the National Association of Independent Schools’ commitment to equity and justice in teaching and learning. The mission of the conference is to provide a safe space for leadership and professional development and networking for people of color and allies of all backgrounds in independent schools. PoCC equips educators at every level, from teachers to trustees, with knowledge, skills, and experiences to improve and enhance the interracial, interethnic, and intercultural climate in their schools, as well as the attending academic, social-emotional, and workplace performance outcomes for students and adults alike.”

Faculty Summer Professional Growth, Part 2

Please see September’s newsletter for the first half of this list of faculty and staff summer professional growth experiences. We will feature fall professional development in the November newsletter.

  • AP Statistics teacher Todd Frost attended the Advanced Placement Annual Conference in  Orlando, Florida.
  • English teacher and college counselor Jodie Hare attended the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Dean of Student Life Barrett Jamison attended Build a Strong Advisory Program at the Independent School Management Summer Institute in Philadelphia, a workshop that “explored core concepts for focusing, enhancing and building (or rebuilding) the advisory program so that it reflects and supports the mission of the school.”
  • Dean of Students Midge Kimble flew to Potomac, Maryland, for the National Association of Independent Schools’ Inclusive Schools Network Institute, which focused on “managing diversity and leveraging differences to create communities where all students are included and know they belong.”
  • 12th Grade Dean Scott Myers attended a Learning & the Brain conference in Santa Barbara on Neuroscience and Classroom Engagement.
  • English Department Chair Tyke O’Brien spent a week at Santa Fe Prep in New Mexico for a writing course called What’s Your Story?, at the EE Ford Summer Teachers’ Colloquium.
  • History Department Chair Josh Perlman explored Los Angeles in a new way through the Community Works Institute’s workshop on Place-Based Service Learning and Sustainability for K-16.
  • Ceramics teacher Biliana Popova experimented with new materials in Sculpture: Clay, Wood & Steel, a course at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, Colorado.
  • AP Calculus teacher Andrew Williams attended the Advanced Placement Summer Institute for Calculus BC, down the road in San Gabriel. 
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