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Leadership and Mentoring

Flintridge Prep Leadership

We believe our students have the power to do great things, to lead and to grow. Clubs are student-created and student-run, so they evolve yearly based on the interests and passions of our students. Students have created clubs devoted to ping-pong and to marine biology, to exploring Los Angeles, politics and art. If a club doesn’t exist, students can create one. 

All year round, on-campus performance opportunities include drama productions, dance productions, music concerts and the annual Amnesty International Coffee House. Many productions are student-directed and choreographed. Sports teams and other activities also provide Prep students with meaningful leadership and personal growth, while they explore interests and develop passions.

Prep’s largest leadership organizations, sometimes called the Big Four, work together to achieve common goals.

Flintridge Preparatory School Student Senate

Student Senate

Prep’s Student Senate has been in place since 1935, with a structure unique to the school and with a system that has always had students at the helm. You can see evidence of this at our weekly morning meetings, run by the senior class president.

The Student Senate includes representatives from the whole school. In high school, each grade elects a class president and two representatives, or commissioners. Seniors elect a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. In addition to class officers, the entire student body elects the Commissioner General, Assistant Commissioner General and Commissioner of Communication and Collaboration. The Commissioner General serves as the chairman of the Student Senate, similar to an ASB president at another school.

The Student Senate sponsors or supports several key events:

  • The Book Day BBQ
  • Spirit Week
  • Halloween Haunted House
  • Winter Festival
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Prep Fest

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Flintridge Preparatory School SCAC

Student Community Action Council (SCAC)

Community impact is assumed to be an integrated part of each Prep student’s life—managed by students as a passion, not a checklist item. The school doesn’t track service hours. A student-led organization called the Student Community Action Council (SCAC) offers opportunities to engage authentically in service and outreach. Founded in 2013, the SCAC joins the Student Senate to host a Community Impact Fair and Club Rush each fall.

SCAC integrates with the academic program as well as with other leadership organizations on campus. The SCAC’s mission is to help students find their passion, make service an integral part of school culture, and support students in creating a positive and measurable impact on social causes in our community and around the world. Further, the SCAC provides cohesion, integration and accountability to all service activities on campus with the objective of maximizing student engagement and social impact.

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Flintridge Preparatory ACL

Athletic Council on Leadership (ACL)

Founded in 2008, our award-winning Athletic Council on Leadership (ACL) was the first leadership organization for athletes in the Prep League. The ACL is made up of student athletes in the sophomore, junior and senior years who aspire to be leaders and apply to be members.

The primary goal of ACL is to encourage athletes to take a leadership role at the school, in the local community and in the world, while promoting sportsmanship and a healthy attitude toward athletic competition. ACL members are active participants in many aspects of school life:

  • They promote and encourage school and team spirit within the Prep community.
  • They develop and support local community service projects.
  • They use athletics as a venue for teaching essential life lessons to others.
  • They demonstrate the initiative needed in order to be strong leaders.

All ACL members have a basic service commitment to tutor at the Boys & Girls Club in Pasadena when not on a team. All ACL members work as mentors with Boys & Girls Club members during a weeklong summer camp at Prep, established in 2014.

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The FLINT student group educates and provides tools to encourage students to exemplify leadership qualities daily. The group seeks to integrate a leadership message into everyday life through a variety of creative and digital media. The group calls on leaders in the alumni community to participate in a student speaker series called FLINTERviews. The FLINT website provides leadership resources and information to students and to extend the conversation about leadership across the campus and around the world.

Visit the website here. 

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A web peer counseling and mentoring programs give students support throughout their time at Flintridge Prep. The programs provide additional leadership opportunities outside Student Senate, ACL, SCAC, and FLINT, giving seniors unique opportunities to provide perspective for younger students.

Peer Counselors work with 7th and 9th graders, while another group of seniors supports 8th graders through the 8th Grade Buddy program. In addition to the support they receive from peer counselors, 9th graders meet in advising groups with faculty members. An alumni-sophomore advising program is being developed. A group of Senior Leaders assists students in nearly every class.

The mentoring program Prep Exchange links students with parents and alumni for career and college advice. All 11th graders participate in this program for Junior Internship Day, when the entire class fans out across Los Angeles to experience a day on the job with a parent or alum, learning about careers from cardiac surgery to composing music.

The Prep Exchange program is supported by the Fathers Club, which hosts an internship program for college-age alumni.