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Student Life

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From leadership opportunities and athletics to clubs and all the other extracurricular activities in between, life on Flintridge Prep’s campus reflects our values of engagement, balance, tradition, and responsibility. We’re a community where people like to be busy doing important work. Student activities exist to enrich students’ lives—not simply their resumes. In this sense, student life is an essential component to each student’s personal growth as they embark on a journey to a full, engaged, and responsible life. 

Thanks in large part to Prep’s creative student body, we have many unique traditions, some decades old, some recently established, many created and fostered by our student leaders. For example, Morning Meeting, a weekly assembly led by Student Senate in which students creatively convey announcements through skits, videos, and performances, was created by a student initiative. Book Day is the first day of school, where new students, helped by peer counselors, learn their way around the school, and join returning students at a BBQ and carnival hosted by Student Senate. The entire community comes together every fall for the Family BBQ to celebrate the start of the school year. 

Our Center for Student Life encompasses a web of social-emotional learning and support, wellness, academic support, and advising. Our work is rooted in balance and our goal is to enable all students to enjoy a full Prep experience.

The Center for Student Life is committed to four important tenets in our student life and student support programs: 

  • Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion as values that inform school policy and programs if we are to effect impactful change;
  • Promoting student wellbeing through expanded and inclusive support systems;
  • Fostering responsive, relevant, and meaningfully challenging teaching and learning;
  • Nurturing student agency and instilling a sense of community commitment.

The Center for Student Life is a hub of support and includes a full-time learning specialist and a school counselor. The Center delivers a curriculum of social-emotional learning, enhanced counseling, and expanded learning support, including a two-year partnership with the Institute for Social and Emotional Learning (IFSEL) to grow our advisory program, including 7th, 8th, and 9th grades in 2021-2022. 

Our Counseling Services

  • Weekly advising for grades 7-9, which encompass both social-emotional support and individual academic advising.

  • Individual academic advising for grades 10-11.

  • Grade level support with grade level deans, who work with students as a group and individually. Grade level deans oversee the entirety of the student experience and direct students for more targeted needs. 

  • Students can initiate meetings with the learning specialist or school counselor on their own, or may be recommended by a grade level dean or Dean of Students.