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Student Support & Well-Being

Focusing on health and well-being for all allows us to deeply engage in every facet of our lives.

We are here to support every student on campus, and this support looks different for each person on their journey. Feeling overwhelmed? Our learning specialist actively develops strategies to help you prioritize your time and improve your study skills. Our school counselor is here not just to listen but to advocate for your happiness, offering practical support so that you can find the tools to thrive. Our weekly advisory program allows you to work through tough subjects in an age-appropriate safe space. 

Program Commitments

The student support and well-being program is committed to:  

  • Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion as values that inform school policy and programs if we are to effect impactful change; 
  • Promoting student well-being through expanded and inclusive support systems; 
  • Fostering responsive, relevant, and meaningfully challenging teaching and learning; 
  • Nurturing student agency and instilling a sense of community commitment. 

Counseling Services

Our counseling services focus on the whole student and emphasize their social and emotional well-being throughout their time at Flintridge Prep. 

  • Grade level support with grade level deans, who work with students as a group and individually. Grade level deans oversee the entirety of the student experience and direct students for more targeted needs.  
  • Students can initiate meetings with the learning specialist or school counselor on their own, or may be recommended by a grade level dean or Dean of Students. 

All-School Advisory

The all-school advisory curriculum focuses on social emotional learning and provides one-on-one guidance that is built upon both in and out of the classroom. Students meet in small grade level groups with a faculty advisor during scheduled advisory periods during the week.  

The advisory program brings our Honor Code and mission to life by providing:  

  • opportunities to build connection, empathy and belonging.  
  • a regular space in the schedule to reflect, renew, and relax. 
  • a trusted adult on campus who can be each advisee’s supporter and advocate. 

Student Support & Well-Being Team

Barrett Jamison

Barrett Jamison

Assistant Head for Student Life, History Faculty
Ann Vradenburg

Ann Vradenburg

Director of Counseling and Student Support