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Flintridge Prep students participate in traditions that you’d find at many high schools: Homecoming and Prom, Grandparents’ Day and Commencement. Thanks in large part to Prep’s creative student body, we have many unique traditions, some decades old, some recently established.

Book Day

Book Day is the first day of school. Students gather all their books for the year, along with their locker combinations. New students, helped by peer counselors, learn their way around the school, and it ends with a Student Senate BBQ for the whole school, with games and plenty of fun. It’s a pretty great way to start the school year.

Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting occurs every Friday morning. Students gather in Norris Auditorium for announcements, skits, videos and performances—without a whole lot of adult interference. This assembly is for students and presented by students.

The Family BBQ

The Family BBQ is in September. The whole Prep community—faculty and their children, parents, students and their siblings—eats dinner together on the field. Raffles and prizes make it a fun night and a great kickoff to the school year.

Junior Parent Dinner

Junior Parent Dinner (JPD) is a tradition that goes back to the 1980s, when it began as a way to raise money for the Prom. Juniors put together dinner and a show for their parents, all based on a theme they design. The event has evolved into a fundraiser for class events as well as for the gift the class presents to the school at Commencement. The weeks of preparation for this the evening leave lasting memories for our alumni.

The Alumni in College Thanksgiving Open House

The Alumni in College Thanksgiving Open House, like many traditions, started informally, with young alumni wandering back onto campus on the day before Thanksgiving. Now it's a bit more formal. Alumni just home from college drop in to reconnect with faculty and freiends (and they can catch a performance of the JPD show put on for the whole school).

Alumni Sports Day

Alumni Sports Day pits our alumni against our current varsity athletes in water polo, soccer, basketball and volleyball. It’s never a slam-dunk which team will win, but as Coach Rivera says, "The alumni always win in my book."

Senior Horizons

Senior Horizons occurs as the first quarter of spring semester ends. The two-day off-campus event for seniors prepares the class for college by including speakers about life, careers, and the coming transitions.

Mr. Flintridge Prep

Mr. Flintridge Prep, a fundraiser where senior boys vie tongue-in-cheek for the crown and glory of Mr. Flintridge Prep began in 2005 and is one of the school's most popular new traditions.

Powder Puff football

Powder Puff football between junior and senior girls at Homecoming shows anyone who is watching that just because it’s not tackle football doesn’t mean it isn’t a tough game.

Senior Celebration

Senior Celebration is a beloved rite of passage at which soon-to-be alumni burn their bitter rejection letters and celebrate the end of an 18 month process with a college choice that reflects students’ passions and goals.

The Senior Trip

The Senior Trip encourages students to look ahead and to reminisce and relax before they become alumni. The Pine Cone Ceremony, at which the whole class gathers together around a campfire to talk about the Prep experience, ends the trip.